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Road Trippin' Racist Wookies & Cookie Monster Strip Search

The final chapter of the New Zealand story

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Ok so I know it has taken me a stupendously long time to finish this blog but hey, I've been busy...or lazy...you can decide.

Anyhow,I believe we left off where goodbyes were exchanged between me and Will in Wellington...well I hopped on the next bus outta there and made my way back to Rotorua (ah Rotorua! Konichiwa!) and stayed in the lovely Crash Palace again where I met 2 dudes from Utah and had a beer with them. Next morning I set off hitchhiking to Taupo where I was picked up by a guy with a sandwich in his face called Gregg. Gregg kindly dropped me off at Urban Retreat where I was greeted by Larsehole again and we had a bit of a night out. After a lie I. The next morning and a chill out sesh I. The garden, I skyped mother and father then stayed in with an English gang of chaps and an Aladdin DVD.
Next morning I was on the bus on my way to Wellington where I would be reunited with Lucy...it was a horrible long day on the bus as I wasn't feeling too well but when I arrived, Lucy and I still managed some cider and an Indian. We had a bit of a crazy night out while we were there as well...our friend Clare came to meet us and we started drinking wine in the room. We invited 2 nice boys to join us as well and got pretty drunk before heading out. Well I was so drunk that I only lasted 1 drink but I've been told everyone had a great night! Next morning we had power snuggles then went to weta cave where all The Lord of the rings costumes and props etc were made. Very fun :)
Later that day I was on a flight to queenstown where I planned on meeting the Chileans one last time! It was Vinny's birthday so we got him a bottle of jack, and more randomly, some pirate gear! I was also introduced to their new friend Danny from Sweden who I later learned was an avid dice man (Luke rhineheart). Apparently Danny once had to go on a night out and brush his teeth the entire time....another time he had to do his food shopping one item at a time, actually leaving the supermarket each time! Good lad! So that night was pretty crazy, we had an amazing time and strangely enough, we actually ran into the Jesus freaks we met earlier in Nelson. Yep. They were hovering around in the street with their free sausages and crying priest so we took advantage for a good hour of sausage time :)
I woke up the next morning in the boys room where we'd clearly partied at the end of the night...showered and fed, I watched a couple of movies and when everyone finally got up, we headed down to the shore for a lakeside BBQ....Chilean style! Such aa chilled and relaxed day...! Later and back at the hostel, the boys all went out but I had to call it a night after the dice told me I wasn't allowed to go out!
Next morning, Juan decided to leave us to go back to Franz Josef with some ladies he met so there was an extra space in Danny's car ;) perfect for a Kirsty sized person....yay! After a severe amount of fannying by the Chileans which caused us to leave at 6pm instead of 10am....what the hell were they doing!? We got a pizza one the way, that almost couldn't even fit in the overloaded car, then stopped at a supermarket to stock up. The excessive fannying that occurred here was most obscene and took almost an hour...I blamed Jose! We were eventually on our way to mt cook but by the time we got away, it started to get dark and of course we got lost completely lost and had to camp by some random lake...probably illegally. Anyway with no room in the tents, I was confined to the back seat of the car, covered in boys jumpers! Was quite fun actually :) next morning at the crack of dawn, I actually managed to find a toilet in the middle of the forest...and it was occupied! For about fifteen minutes. I had to hide behind a bush and wait for the perpetrator to reveal himself. I watched him in disgust then held me nose as I went in.....ewwwww! We quickly got back on the road and made a pit stop at lake pukake where the boys made a....very.....nice and not at all horrible porridge. Mmmm I remember it well. It was definitely nice. Back on the road, we managed to get to mt cook and pitched our tents in the 60mph winds, not bothering to pay the site fee. We then went for a trek up to the source of a Glacier. It took a long time to get there due to the weather and finally when we got up there, my altitude sickness kicked in and I had to head back down. It was impressive though. Back at the site, there was nothing much to be done but play consecutive games of cachos which is a game played with dice in cups. We then cooked about 5 pans of pasta, gobbled that down and drove into mt cook village for a few pints before bed.....I slept in the front seat of the car this time which was a nightmare as it rained and leaked on my face! :)

The next morning, awake early again, I decided to play a trick on the boys since they’d left me to sleep in a horrible cold old car, and crept over to Manu and Jose’s tent. Peeling the zips back I jumped in and started screaming ‘EARTHQUAAAAAKE!’ They absolutely shat themselves and were so angry with me....Not to be deterred, I then made my way to Vinny and Danny’s tent and made some horrible animal noises and started scratching the tent before jumping on it. Another good reaction from them :P
Later on, we eventually left and hit the road to Lake Tekapo where we would have our final final last night together. Stocking up on supplies (scrumpy) in the small village there, we had a night in with plenty of game playing and drinking. It was a good one and I was paying for it with an incredibly sore head the next day which only 2 cans of coke and a whiff of petrol would cure.
On the road to Christchurch, we stopped for what I thought would be a short detour at the drive through in Burger King however we drove straight up to the counter, bypassing the menu and then didn’t know what we wanted. We then parked up and went inside however then the guys wanted to use their VIP burger king card but the nice lady informed them they couldn’t use it inside. Rather than settle for that, we went back in the drive through....then we forgot chips and had to go again...then tomato ketchup. Seriously!! The whole thing took about 2 hours! Chileans! Biggest faffers I’ve ever known!
When we eventually got to Christchurch, the boys kindly dropped me off at Adam & John’s house where I was given a beer and some good company. There were about 12 lads living in the house and 1 girl, but with no tv or much else going on, the proper thing to do was to sit around the giant tabe outside and drink beer all day. I had no complaints! However we did do just that for the entire 3 days I stayed there! The second night was the best one...I went and crawled into an empty bed in some random room and woke up to some guy looking at me like...who are you! Haha....we did actually get some cool stuff done...John took me around the city to see the destruction and regenerations following the Christchurch earthquake, and then both him and Adam took me to the beach one afternoon which was fun too  I had a great time with them but when I left, I was excited about returning to Wellington and my fair Lucy. I had one more stop in Kaikoura which was great and nice and relaxed. I saw some silly seals, a funky starfish, and some penguin imposters. The next day I had to get on the ferry back to Welly where I legged it back to the Nomads hostel to meet Lucy. I am pretty sure from memory that beer and cider was drank but I cant entirely be sure. All I know is the next day we took a train to Paraparaumu for 2 nights where we thought we’d have a bit of a chill out. We arrived at the hostel which was really pretty and run by a nice old lady then stocked up on supplies and waited until evening to drink them. We made complete boobs out of ourselves on one of the nights as we smoked some legal high stuff and Lucy went all weird and thought I was her mum, that her womb had somehow disappeared, and that ‘wookie’ was a racist term! As if it couldn’t get any better...some guy who lived there was telling us about how his daughter had died and Lucy decided then was a great time to let out quite a large fart. Oh the humanity! I couldn’t NOT laugh! It was hilarious...but so very very bad...
Well eventually we went back to Wellington, with a crude hitchhikers sign prepared. We were picked up by 2 german girls and dropped off in some shit part of the city. We met up with Clare who let us keep our bags at her place as we couldn’t find any accommodation for the night due to the Rugby Sevens festival. Lucy’s idea was to simply go out and get drunk and find someone willing to let us kip on their couch...or otherwise. Well after a crazy night of me dressed as a Viking pirate, and lucy dressed as the goddess of mann, and clare as rock paper scissors, I woke up in the park! And all around me the park was litered with the bodies of others who had done the same! Except Lucy. Where was she!? Having caught up with Lucy a little later and witnessing a fat naked man-angel bouncing unattractively on a bed, we got hangover crap, stuffed our faces and watched movies in the Nomads hostel (where we checked in for our final night) That night was spent sitting outside the bar and watching all the crazy fancy dress people walking around. We saw a human shower, about 40 Lance Armstrongs complete with syringes, buzz lightyears, ducks, superheroes, marine creatures, transformers, you name it, we saw it. The best one we saw was outside the Rugby Stadium where some poor bloke dressed as Cookie Monster was standing with his legs parted, and being strip searched. What a day.
The next morning we were each on our own bus up to Taupo where we had a couple of nights in Urban Retreat again. We mostly chilled out there but also had a nice swim in the lake (Lucy pissed in it) and a bit of a ‘last night out’ type thing which was also fun.
Finally we were on the way to Auckland. I was picked up by Dan (Din) again only he was less annoying this time. Due to to my flight being at 6am the following morning, and having to check in around 3am, I decided it would be pointless to pay for a hostel bed, so shoved my shit in Lucys room and headed to the bar. It wasn’t particularly a heavy one, and we managed to meet some cool people including Mohit again, we had a good night. One nice young man who was especially good friends with Lucy decided to drive me to the airport which was lovely.
Our goodbye was actually quite tearful as it would be a further 2 weeks before I would see Luce again. I missed her silly farts already.....but my journey was about to begin again as I checked into my flight bound for LA!!!

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Scrumpy, Fergburgers, Bungys and Goodbyes!

The final chapter in Brother Sister shenaniganery!!

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So after a mere 2 hours in bed, Will and I forced ourselves up and out to wait for our 7:30am bus, collecting a Subway on our way there. Sprawled out on the pavement with the worst hangover ever, we saw our bus approaching but nothing could prepare us for what would come next. As we entered the door of the bus something terrible happened. It was Paulo. Will and I looked at eachother and neither of us could mistake the look of utter disappointment. We would have to accept our fate that he was there. Again. Like Droopy. Only a dick.

Anyway so on we went to Greymouth aka Shittown via the awesome pancake rocks, blowholes (hehe) and seal colony (yawn). Arriving in Greymouth we just bummed around in the hostel and thanked our lucky stars that Paulo was staying elsewhere. It was pissing down outside so we ordered Dominoes ($5 for large pizza!) and had an early night. The next morning we were more than eager to get the hell out of there and off we went towards Franz Josef. Our driver Kate, who is awesome by the way, pulled into this little bizarre place called the Bushmans centre where we were greeted by a small old man in welly boots and hotpants and shown around his 'museum'. It was basically a roadkill shrine and me and Will got to try out some nice possum pie! om nom! Unfortunately we received some bad news. A bridge had collapsed due tot he rain on the only road into Franz. There was nothing for it. We had to turn back. Back to rainy grey old Shittown. Needless to say, Will and I were devastated and ran straight to the supermarket to stock up on the Scrumpy to numb the pain of the prospect of one to three more days in such a god awful hell hole. It was back at the hostel we got talking to the lovely Dominique from Switzerland. She was the only other lass with a beer in her hand so we liked her straight away and watched some movies and got tiddly-poo together.
Next morning, we really just couldnt face staying and went to hire a car between 4 people. As we were literally handing over the credit card, Kate came running in telling us she had a solution and would get us the hell out! Hurray for Kate!! She drove us all the way to Methven, by which time it was about 10pm, and the next day all the way to Wanaka. Fortunately for us, Paulo stayed in Greymouth like an asshole and we hopefully will never see him again.
After Wanaka we were into Queenstown for 4 delightful nights. On the way in, Kate pointed out a burger joint called Ferg Bugrer (which we had been hearing about for ages) and said it was pretty much a tourist attraction in itself! It had a huge queue and even bigger burgers. Me and Will went over to sample them and had to wait 40mins, during which time we bought and drank some beer. When we went back, picked them up, we were in meat heaven. It was the best burger I have ever had and should have actually warranted a blog dedicated to it by itself but i cant be arsed so.....Anyway it was awesome. We met Kate and all the other girls from the bus in the bar and started on the drinks. It turned out to be a great night with Will upside down pole dancing, and just going crazy. It was also Dominique's birthday so we hopefully showed her an awesome night. I was home before Will for like...the first time in ageeeeees! But I was concerned about Milford sound the next day at 6am.
Anyway, we made it and Milford Sound turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, next to Halong Bay and the Himalayas. So different. There was a man on the bus and boat who looked just like the monopoly man....it is significant that I point this out because later in my blog, this odd little character pops up again. You will see. That night was a nice easy one, Will and I along with Dominique and a couple of others , went down to the shore and watched the nice sunset and just chatted shit. The next day we had not a lot planned so we decided it would be a good day to Bungy!! It was all booked and sorted so off we went. I felt more sick on the drive up cause of the windy roads! Will checked in for the Nevis Bungy (biggest in world) and I checked in for the Nevis swing (biggest in world). On with the fish suit for Will (nemo) and off to the jump cabin. I found it terrifying watching him but he was great and didnt hesitate when the nice man told him to jump 134m over a canyon. BRILILANT. After that it was my turn and Will being Will dared me to do the swing (like a trapeze) upside down and backwards which of course I had to do...because I'm hardcore. It was so bloody scary and it took me forever to get into position but it was great and as you probably already know, Will got a great picture of me screaming my absolute head off (not just my head...my ABSOLUTE head). It was so much scarier than the skydive but so glad I did it! Videos of both of us to come... :)
Later we felt a celebration was in order and went out for beers with Dominique and some others. To Pog Mahones! $6 cider. And then another bar. I did of course notice that everyone around me seemed fine but I was completely bladdered and passed out before I even hit my bed...good night. Next day we decided Ferg was in order again and also wanted to see Life of Pi in the cinema. So thats what we did! That day I also witnessed Will being shaved by the 3rd person on this trip ... and later when we come to it...there was a 4th! He even got head cream. It was an early night that night and the next morning we were pickedf up by none other than Greggles! Greg was my bus driver 3 years ago when i was last year so I was pretty excited seeing him again. In usual Greg-fashion, the cheeky chappy wanted us to have a communal BBQ when we arrived at Tekapo so Will and I were of course up for that and at some point meat etc was picked up from the supermarket and at the hostel people began preparing. Will and I were put on BBQ duty despite being 'British' and 'prone to burning everything' so off we went. I was on sausages and he on burgers. I stepped inside to get some more trays and plates etc and when I came back, that monopoly man dick was standing in my place completely taking over. What a complete PAULO. He then thought it would be clever to put an entire side of salmon on the BBQ with no foil or tray so when it began cooking, all the fish fell into the grate. What an absolute PAULO. Regardless, the BBQ was a success and everyone involved got on really well so we had a good night just conversing with others and having a few beers. When we went to bed, I knew Will was in silly mode but I couldnt believe it when he climbed onto the top bunk over the lovely Maria, and let out a massive fart! It was hilarious and I couldnt sleep for laughing. Maria avoided us thereafter :P

We left the next day and had a stop in Geraldine, home of lovely smelly cheeses (which we bought many of!) then onwards to Christchurch. Will and I had arranged to stay with Adam and John who we met in Taupo and are living in CC but we couldnt get in touch with them when we arrived. We said goodbye to Greggles who said if I ever got stuck, he's take me on the bus for free (because I'm awesome) and set off to find a hostel. A girl on our bus who looked like Kelly from Shameless asked us if we had accommodation so we told her we didnt and she thrust a hotel voucher into our hands and said she no longer had use for it but wouldnt get a refund this late. What a woman. Thank you Renata Millet wherever you are. The room was really nice and we made some dinner and were joined by Mirander (another Taupmeister) who was in CC at the same time, along with her cousin. I then got a call from Adam who invited us round to his place which was conveniently around the corner! We all drank into the night, and Will went off to meet some hostel people in a bar somewhere. John kindly walked me home but I stubbed my top on the pavement and had a massive wound on my toe. When I got in, I realised I must have been a little more drunk than initially thought as I tried to stuff a paracetamol directly into the wound. Ouch! I was then rudely awoken by a shoe hitting my face. Will had come home and was stuck outside the window and couldnt rouse me so he threw his shoe at me. Next morning, slightly hungover, we got a massive Subway and headed to the airport for our flight to Rotorua which can only be said in a Japanese accent and an exclamation mark.
We arrived there a little too late to get the bus to Taupo. Gutted. Well....we could always hitchhike....Oh ok then! We walked about an hour to get out of the main town area, and were picked up by a nice woman and her 12 yr old son. They were so cool and the ride there was relaxed and enjoyable. She dropped us off right by the hostel we were staying in (Urban Retreat best hostel ever!) and we checked in for a final 3 nights. That day we didnt do too much but met some dudes from Newport so later that eve I went down the shore with them for sunset and swimming. The next day we lazed about for a bit and decided as it was Friday to catch a band in the local pub. It turned out to be a really great band, including a guitarist who looked exactly like slash (only white) ''white trash slash'' and a great frontman (girl) so we had a really t good night. Next day was nice and relaxing as we went down to the lake with Evil Cerstie, her friend Amanda, a guy me and Will met called Lars from Denmark, and a burgerking. It was a perfect relaxing day.That night we actually went to see the same band again as they really were good. It was another successful evening although Will had a little bit of a hangover the next day. Unfortunately we missed the bus to Auckland because of some messed up timing schedule and had to buy intercity bus. It wasnt too much though and pretty soon we were on our way again . We had some complete idiots sat behind us the entire way talking in very loud voices about software and database and hosts etc. It was so annoying but eventually we arrived. We had arranged to meet up with Chiaki from Japan (another Taupmeister) and had a couple of sly ones that night with her down the local. I really do hate Auckland but I knew I was leaving the next day.We had an early night that night as we knew what was coming the next day. Will was leaving me :(
We got up and had a walksie around then decided we would have to get matching tattoos as a reminder of something amazing we did together and it was easy enough to pick something to get. Gandalf's queer symbol that he put on the Hobbit's door ! Perfect. Neither of us cried and were more than happy with the results :)

Then the time finally came. Will had to go. I saw him off at the bus stop and suddenly felt a horrible pang of loneliness. I mean, I knew I was going back to Taupo and that I would see Lars, Cerstie, even the Chileans, Lucy, loads of people again but I was honestly devastated. I'm gonna go all sentimental on your ass now...Will made this part of my trip what it was...The opposite of shit. Its been the best time in my life and he can take some of the credit for that. What a complete pair!!!! We took on NZ like a pair of pros and I wouldnt change one bit of it! So there! Ok thats enough now anyway. This soup wont cook itself!

My final blog will probably be done from home as I will be back in mid feb hopefully! So see you all soon :)

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Christmas, Nemo, and NYE


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Sooooo.....its been a while! And its been f**king crazy!! I've been so busy having the most awesome time of my life with my brother, that I'd forgotten all about my blog. CRAZY!

Anyway where were we? Oh yes, I remember, we had just xhad another awesome night out in the lovely Taupo (one of many of course). We woke up with the usual hangover and I managed to skype my drunken mother who was partying with her friend at her house. It was quite funny actually because it was on her phone and she kept putting it to her ear so all I could see was her ear....silly :)
After a lot more chilling out, Will and I decided a nice boat trip on the lake with our Chileans was in order. A quick stop in the supermarket secured our beers for the afternoon....YEH I KNOW! Hair of the dog though wasnt it :P So off we were on a nice sailing boat covered in bean bags, with glorious sunshine and great company. Two hours of bliss. It was great and cheap. So after it was over, we thought what better way to complete the day than with a BBQ....Chilean style! Me and Will thought we knew BBQs well...but what happened next was un. real. Went to the supermarket with the boys and all put $10 in for meat and beer. Me and Will are browsing through the sausages and burgers and Jose walks over with the biggest hunk of pure meat I've ever seen. We thought he was joking but no, he had every intention of BBQing the shit out of that thing. See FB for pics. It was epic. Back at the hostel, the boys attacked the meat and provided us with our first Chilean BBQ and it was the complete opposite of shit!! That night was a chilled one....really nice.
Will and I had to get up early the next day for our bus to National Park so we said goodbye to the boys and left them some lovely beer. Our driver was Dan (Din) and at first things looked promising as he was a young friendly fellow. How wrong our first impressions were. I think the closest description in 1 word would be 'douchebag'. What a complete idiot. He had no clue how to drive a bus and kept stalling it then asking us to hold on because he had to go fast around a bend to avoid changing gear. He also told us many untrue 'facts' such as Waitomo caves were 1km deep. WTF. The deepest point was 100m. Oh and he would beep his horn and swear at sheep (making sure the microphone was on each time because we all obviously were very interested in him swearing at sheep). Anyway Waitomo caves were great, Will really wanted to see the glowworms and he was dead happy he got to go so that was cool. When we finally arrived in Nat Park (after stopping to see LOTR Mount Doom), we were pooped and just wanted a nice early night. So we did.

We left for Wellington the next day which was Christmas Eve! We met a nice German girl called Christine on the bus who was celebrating Christmas eve as though it were Christmas day (Europeans ey!) So we checked into YHA and all sat down for beers and king cup outside. It was clear this was going to be a good night and we met up with Wade, Lucy, Joe and Lou in the awesome San Francisco Bath House (best bar!) and partyed hard there until the wee hours. I was the last one standing not getting in until around 4am...
Christmas day was great. Will got me up around 10am and we went and had breakfast champagne and shit mince pies (eyes) I also got to skype Bi in Vietnam which was great :) Will and I then went to the shop to buy something to eat and when we got back to the kitchen to make an omlette, we just couldnt do it. ''What happens next?''.....''frying pan?''....''then what? do we put butter in it?''.....''I dont know, I think we are missing something''....''milk? yes thats right. We have no milk.''.....''so is it scrambled eggs then?''......''I dont understand. What shall we do? cheese?''..........This went on for some time and we still to this day have no idea what we made.
After a nice walk around in the 40 degree heat, we met Wade Lucy Joe and Lou and went to the beach then tried to go for a BBQ in Nomads hostel. Unfortunately it was all gone. Which only left one option for me and Will. But we promised we would never speak of it again. I will take it to the grave with me, No-one can know what happened that afternoon. Its too disturbing and shameful to think of so I will say no more. At 6pm we went to see the Hobbit in the very cinema the premiere was held at. It was AWESOME. What a great way to spend Christmas day. And after, I got to talk to mummy and daddy again and was even more happy when Dad revealed he had got hold of a new *red* kawasaki KR1 250 which I'm hopefully gonna have a ride about on when I get back. WOOOOOOOO!!!

Boxing Day was equally awesome as we did a Lord of the Ringpiece movie tour around Wellington. We were taken to all the spots where the filming went on (albeit about 13 yrs ago!) and it was excellent. We'd changed hostels that morning as it was way too hot in ours and no air con. The room we were put in was empty except for 1 guy. And he was from our bus. And he was a complete tool. His name was Antionio but me and Will for no apparent reason called him Paulo. He was about 40 and he was just an idiot. We couldnt believe of all the rooms, he was in ours. That afternoon, I was in reception when who happens to walk in....CHILEANS! Yay! They'd just got in so after they sorted themselves out, we had some cider and drinking games in their room. We ran out of booze so a quick trip to the liquor store was in order. There was a guy outside busking, very good actually. And he saw me and asked me to play his guitar. Having never even held a real guitar, I walked over like a pro and played guitar. Not really. I actually just sat there holding it but managed to make $2 of passers by! Haha. He was a cool guy and when he asked us if we wanted any drugs, we were like 'hmmm....do you mean weed?' and he said ''no, i mean rocks''......what the hell are rocks!? What he was actually offering us was heroin!! Couldnt believe it! We politely turned him down and left hahhahaha
The night ended moshing in JJ Murphys but it wasnt a late one.
At 10:30am nobody was up so I bummed around until 12 and woke up Juan and made him come for a walk round the city with me. By the time we got back, everyone was up and about so I grabbed Will and took him to my fav restaurant in Welly for some lunch. Sweet Mothers Cafe is what its called, and it does amazing Mexican food. We followed this up with a spot of shopping. Being in our usual silly mood, we went to a cheap dollar type store and bought the most random shit imaginable. This is where we found NEMO. I was purchasing a viking hat and some purple suspenders when I saw it. Hanging up there behind the counter. What the hell is it I thought. It looked like a stripey chicken. When I inspected the label I shouted to Will ''Get here. NOW.'' It was the single most ridiculous fancy dress I have ever seen. Finding Nemo. Well, Will and I looked at eachother, and an unspoken decision was made. YES. Back at the hostel, We tried all our shit on and knocked on the Chileans door. Juan took juan look at Will and crumpled on the floor. It was friggin hilarious. Especially the first time you see it. I was laughing at it continually for about 2 days.
Wade Luce Joe and Lou asked if we fancied bowling which was a definite yes from us so Will naturally turned up in his fish suit much to everyone's delight/confusion. It was sooooo funny. Afterwards we went back and met our beloved Chillies, had a few drinks and hit a bar (with no money) and just had a nice little dance before going back. It was goodbye again from me and Will as we were moving onto Nelson in the morning.
On the ferry, we were very silly and hyper but managed a little sleep and when our bus picked us up on the other side, we did a bit of wine tasting at the first stop. Russell style. i.e. shotting the wine rather than sipping. LOOOOOOOOOL. Will also packed fudge while there. We checked into Accents on the Park, a great little hostel and it allowed you to drink your own beer as well. We went to stock up on supplied including beer and had a pretty early night that night. The next morning, all 6 of us got up to go and check out a market that was going on. We sampled a sausage made from 70% mussels. It was sick. We left. Decided to walk to the beach which was apparently a 45min walk but was more like an hour and a half and when we got there, the beach was really unpleasantly windy and cold and everyone was eating sand. After waiting for a bus for about 30mins, we realised it was Sunday and there was no bus. IDIOTS. So we tried to hitch back into town but Will adn I ended up jumping in a cab instead. That night we wanted to check out the bar scene for a place to go on NYE. It wasnt a heavy night or anything but me and Will wandered over to Liquid bar with a German fellow and a Czech fellow from our hostel. I was instantly getting dance-raped by some crazy 40year old woman who kept trying to drag me away from the comfort of my possy. It was awful and everyone laughed at me. But it was pretty funny. Silly woman. Afterwards, when me and Will were navigating our way home, we stumbled upon some people handing out free sausages in a car park. Well it was free so...yeah. We got talking to the nice people and yep you guessed it...bible bashers. They were cool enough though and we felt we should talk to them while scoffing the free shit and Will only went and made the pastor cry with emotion at some apparently profound comment he made (despite being a raging athiest) It was a very weird experience and we were grateful to get home and into a nice warm bed.
Next day we had to change hostel as there was no room in ours. We found a shit place that was ok I guess, and went to see the Hobbit again. It was just as awesome as the first time :P Our Chileans called us later that day and they had just checked into our old hostel so we went and scooped them up and headed to the supermarket for a stock up. That evening we sat outside at their hostel, had a couple of beers while Juan played some cool acoustics for us. It was a really nice night.

Today was NYE. Will and I had nowhere to stay and were planning on sleeping rough or sneaking into the guys room and kipping on the floor. As it turned out, we got in somewhere but it was a good half hour walk away. Never mind. After we checked in there, we went to the centre of NZ with the Chillies which was a walk up a steep hill to the geographical centre, it was cool. Later that day, after getting into our fancy dress (and also thinking lots of other people would be in fancy dress on NYE) Will and I headed over to the boys' hostel with our beers. Unfortunately for us, the dick that ran the hostel wouldnt let us drink there, even if we bought beer from them. He was a complete arsehole actually and banned us from even going in there (well he tried to ;)) so we honestly ended up drinking at a table in the park opposite. It was okay though, nice group there. As the beer flowed, so did the electric shaver. As most of you have already seen, everyone was shaved that night. It was hilarious. After I puked a little, we went over to some girls hostel and were thrown out of there as well...oops and ended up heading back to Accents. Try and throw us out will you! Well Will being such an awesome vigilante of sorts gave then dickhead there a piece of his mind and refused to leave. Eventually though, he went crazy and threw everyone out so we thought it was time to hit town anyway. No idea what time this was at but long story short, I lost everyone, Will lost everyone. I was about an hour alone and I found Will and Juan in the street, followed by the others and at this time it was 4am and I was ready for home. That was the last time we saw our boys after an escort back to our hostel by our cousin Vinny and the Man who does well. Very sweet of you boys! Such gentlemen!
And that was that. The next morning we were on our way south!! :(

All I have time for people and I still left out half of it!

Enjoy and check out the next blog in a week or so :)

peace x

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Dolphinoplasties, Skydives, PISCO and Decapitating Snakes

The New Zealand I Never Wanna Leave :)

sunny 30 °C

So....Auckland was really pissing me off but me, Wade, Lucy and some other random hostel goers managed to have a wicked night out in the city before Wade n Luce moved to Wade's Aunties house in the 'burbs....It was one of them...we had the entire bar moshing and dancing like maniacs, the band praising us, and everyone just F**king LOVING US!!! Awesome.
The day Wade n Luce left, I got a phonecall from them to say there was space at his Aunts so off I went and well...wow. Their house was amazing, more like a hotel really so it was a proper treat. We had a night in the first night and then pretty soon after I was off to collect Will from the airport...I was so excited as you can imagine! He was pretty delayed and told me he ahd put on weight so I wasnt sure I would recognise him, but there he was.....all sweaty and pissed off. It was the perfect reunion. Especially when I spotted the bottle of rum and gin in his hand :P

I took him back to Wade's Aunts house and that night all 4 of us went to a bar down the road. There wasnt much atmosphere but I was still having a complete and total cider-high having been deprived of it for so long, so I was a little pissed but it was a good enough night. Next day me and Will had to move back into the city for one night before our 7am bus the next morning. We chose Base Backpackers as the others were shit, then later Wade and Lucy met us and we were all out for a bit of a sesh. The night was a complete success again, we got about 5 phone numbers of people who wanted to party with us and an invitation to a jelly-party????

We hopped on the Magic Bus the next morning and we found ourselves with a cool driver called Nigel. Nigel was very informative, witty and smart. He was the shit and we really got on with him. We made a stop to see the second largest tree in the world which was honestly like something out of Avatar, especially when we arrived there was a Maori guy serenading the tree in the local language. All a bit surreal really. The tree's name was Tane Mahuta and he is the lord of the forest. How awesome is that!
After this stop, we stopped in some town called Onerona, Onerenoa, Oeneroe...something like that. And had delightful, cheap and filling fish and chips. And 1 mussel each. Om NOM NOM! We arrived in Paihia and went for a walk to the supermarket for food. There was a young chap on our bus who we secretly dubbed 'The Lonely Swede' because he was so lonely and anti-social. Well we were proved wrong about that. Will and I were eating dinner and drinking gin and he came over to chat with us. Well we only ended up talking all bloody night and having a great time in doing so! Turned out he wasnt such a lonely swede after all! As we were walking back to the room, a strange man approached and made us smoke something green. It was very nice and made me feel very peaceful so we went to bed. There was an old man staying in our hostel which was so weird because he was honestly about 70-odd and everyone was in their twenties apart from him and for some idiotic reason he chose a top bunk to sleep in....just thought it was worth mentioning. Weird old man.

Next morning me and Will and the not-so-lonely-swede went dolphin swimming! It was amazing, the boat (which was being driven by a woman)...(I know...!)...found a large pod of dolphins who were only too happy to show off for us and check out our big stupid faces looming over the sides of the boat. Fan-bloody-tastic. Managed to get in the water for a swim with them but almost died from hyperthermia and had to get out again!! One of my best NZ experiences....
Anyway, we jumped back on the bus again and unfortunately had to spend 1 more night on the way back in the armpit of the north island...AUCKLAND. Argh! Booked a different hostel again and this one left me speechless. The people in the room we were in were completely shrouded from view by possibly the biggest collection of clothes and general crap, you couldnt even see bunk beds. It was truly awful. But also hysterically funny and I found it hard to sleep from the pure disbelief I felt at such a shit room.

And so the big journey began...next morning we were picked up by Amanda and Tom who Amanda was training. These two were great and we really got on quite well with them. Especially since everyone else on our bus was a little bit foreign and maybe not catching the jokes as well as us. We stopped at the zorbing place and of everyone on the bus, only me and Will, and Tom and Amanda zorbed!!!! Theirs was a graceful downhil hamster ball....mine and Will's one was apparently one of the craziest they had seen. We kept trying to stand up inside and limbs were flailing everywhere, and both of us were getting totally smashed around. It was absolutely hilarious, especially when we watched the video afterwards with the grand finale being me ended with my legs going back over my head and being stuck like that. Soooooooo funny.
After there, on the way to Rotorua, Amanda mentioned that her and Tom were going to the 'Speedway' which I guessed was a little like stock cars. They invited us along and we greedily accepted! Our hostel was amazing, just really really good I cant even explain. We got to know everyone their, and namely a couple called Rob and Kim from England who were pretty sound. Well me and Will headed straight to the supermarket for a crate of beer to bring to the races and an hour or 2 later our lift arrived, in the form of a woman who worked for the opposition of our hostel. She was so cool about it though. The racing was great and not at all like stock cars. These cars were worth more than $100,000! Will and I had about 14 beers each and had a great night. We actually hitch-hiked back to the hostel and were picked up by like, the 3rd car! Thank you Amanda and Tom for awesome night!!!!!!!!!!!
Back at the hostel we had a few more drinks with some of the people we met, which was nice and then headed to bed. Next day we were kinda hungover so just watched a movie in the lounge then walked around the lake (so stinky!). Later on, me and Will along with a couple from our bus, Mitch and Kirsten, went to a Maori experience where we were taken to their village and shown around. Within the first few minutes Will was doing the Haka complete with crazy eyes and tongue. It was a queer sight to behold! We were then shown down to an area where our dinner was being prepared in an earth oven called a Hangi. It was so freakin cool when they removed the soil etc and took the food out of the ground. Needless to say, me and Will got our fill and went up a couple of times for a piled high plate. I even brought doggy bags - skint backpacker arent I!! Later we had a couple of chilled beers at the hostel then got an earlyish night since we were planning on white water rafting the next day.
Sure enough, we managed to get up and we were soon being suited and booted for rafting. Our instructor was a stinkin hot maori looking guy called Draxon...and he was crazy!!! Will and I volunteered to go at the front of the raft which meant that everyone should follow our oars. When Drax was explaining this to us, he suggested that we imagined we were 'making love' to which I replied in horror 'Dude! Thats my brother, you're sick!!!'' well the poor bastard didnt know where to look! It was hilarious...he couldnt believe it and we were laughing about it for ages! haha Anyway, continuing with the rafting. So it was great, going really well and then we hit a 7m high waterfall - the largest commercially rafted waterfall in the world in fact. Going down it was insane! The whole raft was completely submerged apart from one lone oar....Will's oar which he was proudly holding high for the cameras (yes, pictures to follow). The experience was so awesome and we were buzzing when we got back. We had a few beers and then everyone from the hostel ended up playing a game of poker. Me and Will had got chatting to an older bloke called Nigel who was definitely one of the coolest people I have met while travelling. He was in his 50's, had worked so many different jobs, including on Avatar, and we going all over NZ on his mountain bike. He was a top banana! We finished talking to him and went out to meet Wade n Joe then went to lavabar which was supposed to be the liveliest place and was actually dead. Good night all the same! in good company. In the night, I head what I believed was Will snoring. I reached out, grabbed his foot and gave it a squeeze...well he woke up but the snoring didnt stop and he was confused as hell! It was actually the guy in the bunk above him and because I had then woken him up, he couldnt sleep and at one stage had a little outburst about 'Who f**king snores like that! Jesus etc etc' very funny the next day :)
Another lazy day today chilling watching movies and doing a little bit of shopping...and later that night again staying up all night shooting the shit with Nige. When we went back to the dorm, we were rudely awoken by an obscene amount of faffing as it seemed 2 guys were both given the same bed. It was very annoying. I was woken up again in the morning by Will's very very loud squeeky fart causing me to get the giggles quite bad as the room was full of people in various states of getting up. What an idiot! hahaha

Next day we checked out and jumped on a bus to Taupo. There was this moron on our bus who held his camera up against the side window and filmed the entire 2 hour trip, even if it was just a plain wall, or a group of dead trees. What an asshole. We checked into Urban Lodge which we could tell instantly was going to be an epic hostel. Once we got sorted, we sat in the chairs that were in the garden. It was a very communal area that obviously encouraged people to chat and meet together so I soon got talking to a couple of girls from the uK, one of who was also called Kirsty only spelled like this... Cerstie (I know right! she must be evil) we then met Rob and Kim again so we talked a little but had a relatively early night that night due to the planned skydive in the morning.
Up we got nice n early to skype Mattie on his birthday! All chuffed he was! It was awesome talking shit with you again Matt, missed you so much!! so after we wished Matt a good night out, we were on our way to do the skydive. The max weight limit was 100kilos and Wade was 99.9kilos. Lucky bugger!
We all did it and it was fantastic. My experience was especially made better when a girl on our plane had a massive freak out and started screaming her head off before the door even opened. The look of sheer terror on her face brought a smile to mine, it was hysterical :)
After, me and Will headed back to the hostel absolutely buzzing, and bought a couple of pitchers of beer. We sat in the garden talking to anyone who came by and soon had a nice little group going. We had evil Cerstie, Mirander, some old pervert, a swedish guy (not lonely swede), Fabian from Switzerland, and our new best friends the Chilean boys; Jose, Juan, Vincent and Manuel. The mood was electric, everyone was so happy to be together and we all clicked immediately. It was going to be an excellent night. It all started to get better when Will produced his bottle of ridiculously hot sauce to the Chilean boys who each tried some and almost couldnt take it. It was great fun to watch and inspired me to bring out my selection of Vietnamese snake wines. After these had gone around and people were getting a bit pissed, Will dared himself to bite the head of tke snake in the empty bottle. The old pervert told him he would buy all of us shots if Will did it. WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE VIDEO!!! It was sooooooooo funny and I'm pretty sure we all went down in hostel history at that place just for being there, and being awesome!!!! We all left for Mulligans Irish bar which was having an 'end of the world' party as it was 21st december and an obvious excuse for a piss up. Pints in there were only $5 so we all got very silly indeed but had a fantastic night. I had to go back to my hostel for my ID which I had left on accident but when I got there, the Chileans were all sat up drinking their local beverage PISCO. Apparently I drank a load of this and loved it. But unless evidence of this appears, I guess I will never know. We also most definitely ate a strawberry that night as well.
The next day, the girl who was running front desk in the hostel, Katie, reminded us that she'd had to come down and kick our asses for the noise we were making and for the fact that someone was smoking inside! A rather sheepish John (from Glasgow) came forward and confessed he was that pissed he thought he was in a courtyard and not actually the hostel dining room!! hahaha what a guy! We were so hungover and made straiight for the garden where we met our Chileans who gave us a wonderful hangover cure. I cant tell you what it is though. But it was very veeeeeeeryyyy relaxing ;) That day me and Will floated around Huka Falls and the surrounding area and said goodbye to Mirander who was heading to Napier that day. When we got abck to the hostel, we decided that everyone was so awesome, we had to drink beer again with them. We had the Chileans, Cerstie, and Adam and John who we had met the previous night. Adam was from London and a bit of a Russell Brand lookylikey so he told us some funny stories about how he used it to his advantage!
We were getting on with them so well that we had to follow them to the pub where one of the best live bands I have ever heard were playing. Whoever they were, they were amazing and we totally rocked out that night!

I'm gonna have to leave it here as I'm running out of time but I will be finishing this blog soon enough and bringing you a little more up to date. It only gets crazier....trust me!! :)


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Singapore, Sydney, Sofa Surfing & Sweet As Bro....

Kiwis, Wombats and Hobbits! OH MY!!

semi-overcast 19 °C

So just a quick one for the last week which has been a little hectic to say the least!

So leaving Vietnam was pretty tough. It had been my home for 4 months and I made excellent friends there...Saying goodbye to Saigon specifically was okay because its a bit too crazy even for me but saying goodbye to Tri was sad. I know I will be back though and I was so excited to get to New Zealand again that excitement took over quickly.

I had to stop in Singapore for 1 night and had no idea what lay in store for me. What language do they speak? How far away is it? What do they eat and drink apart from singapore noodles and singapore slings? Anyway I arrived around 8pm, to the most amazing night-time city scene I have ever seen. Amazing. I got a bus to China town, had a wander and some shit dinner then went to bed. Next day I went to Little India to get a henna tattoo. A man in the street began aimlessly talking to me asking me where I was from etc. He seemed friendly enough but kept on asking when I was going home to Australia and after the 3rd or 4th time of asking how long is my stay in singapore and acting surprised each time I answered, I decided enough was enough and had him killed and disposed of. After that, I went hunting for an Irish Bar to no avail. When would I be reunited with my beloved cider! Back to the airport and straight to the bar for a magners....$16 no joke. I paid it. I had to choose between dinner or cider. no contest. Anyway, silly me stayed up on the plane watching Madagascar 3 and Ice Age until 1am. Ahhh bed now, will wake up in a few hours...nope wrong! With the time difference it was about 3am when we landed but 6 or 7am local time so I was absolutely shattered.

I took a train to Chatswood in Sydney where I was going to be couchsurfing with a guy called Chul from Korea. After a spot of fannying in Chatswood whilst I bought a phone etc, eventually I managed to find him and he escorted me up to his apartment which was really nice, big, and with a balcony and nice view. There was another girl there who was due to leave that day and she knocked up the most awesome quiche I have ever tasted! I had a sleep but only for a couple of hours then Chul woke me to ask about going to the beach. I was bloody knackered but still up for a beach day. We took a bus to Manly Beach which is like a replica of Bondi really but with less surfer bums. We chilled out there for a while then headed back to the apartment. I wasnt feeling too hungry but Chul, who's appetite is ridiculous was up for something and took me to a Korean place. I have never had Korean but let him decide for me and had a really nice bibibumbumbambingbong or something. Nom! After we finished, he then got more food from a foodmarket stall in town. Followed by a huge mound of icecream. After that we picked up some cider from the supermarket. Chul didnt actually know what cider was and I couldnt wait to introduce him. He had to go somewhere so I started drinking while watching tv at his place and when he came back, we went out around midnight to check out some awesome gay bars! The first place was full of drag queens on platform heels and lots of topless handsome men, the second one was full of older less topless ones and the last one was huge and awesome. We met a girl and a guy along the way who joined us in the latter two, in one of which I also somehow picked up a teenage ninja mutant turtle home-made outfit. I was obviously confused though because I was wearing the mask on my ass instead of my face. Photos to be uploaded.

The next morning I woke at 3pm. Yeah you heard. I somehow got myself home in a taxi, leaving Chul dancing away in that last place. By the time I went out for breakfast it was 4pm, me and Chul then headed back to chill out for a bit. We went to a Thai restaurant which was great but the food was so spicy it gave my stomache a headache. We then went to Pacha which was $40 to get inside. The place was absolutely amazing and I'm glad I went. Despite this, I left quite early. I couldnt get on with the music as it was kinda dancey stuff but the place was umbilical (Copywright WillRussell). There was a swimmingpool on the roof which people were dancing in, about 10 different rooms with DJs and dancing and crazy dancers on a stage, acrobats swinging through the air and male models walking around. It was hard to leave but I had to go.
The following morning, Chul and I said our goodbyes. I really did have a good time with him, he was a great host because every place he took me, I had never been, and even though some things wouldnt have been my first choice, I was glad of them and he opened my eyes.
I took a train to the town centre and checked into Maze Backpackers on Pitt Street near where I stayed 3 years ago. After a wander round the markets and things, I headed to Scruffy Murphys, which is the bar where Hobbit and I partyed hard a lifetime ago. It was as I remembered and no sooner had I parked my ass into a chair with an $8 cider, I was joined by 4 young Kiwis. Men, not birds. I can't quite remember all their names, one was Hayden, another Ross, and nope sorry cant remember the other 2 names. We stayed there all night until we were not so politely asked to leave. I headed back home, stopping at 1 more bar where I think I talked to 2 more people. I then think I may have talked to some girls in my room and drank some rice wine from my bag. Its all a blur. The next morning I paid for it though. I had to check out at 10 in the asshole morning. I bummed around on the internet, got food, went to see a shit movie, then walked to the Opera House and botanic gardens, followed by The Rocks area of Sydney. I then took a train to Newtown and did some window shopping there. On return to Maze, I met up with Wade again which was actually awesome after being alone so long! I then heaved my shit to Sydenham to stay with an Aussie guy called Mark. Mark was really cool and we seemed to share a similar sense of humour and love of books so we got on great.
I had a quiet night that night and the next morning I met Mr Wade and Miss Lucy off the train. They dumped their bags and we headed to Bondi Beach for the day since it was nice. Me and Wade dug a 3-legged shaped hole. It was fun. We watched a man trying to tan the inside of his thighs. Saw another man walking crotch first in his insideout Y-fronts. Bondi is a scream! We also had expensive pints and Lucy got a bit confused by scooners/pints. It is rather silly though. Later when we got back to Sydenham, we stocked up on Goon and began drinking, then Mark came home and introduced himself to his other roomies. We all sat drinking, got a takeaway and headed out to Newtown again. Newtown has amazing bars, we only went to 2 so how I can know this is beyond me but I feel like I do. We had a great night, got very drunk which made me and Wade seriously shit at opening a sofa bed. Like a pair of monkeys we were. Next day we honestly did NOTHING. Mark went to work, and we made him a nice Birthday cake as today was his Birthday. Lucy already gave him a present but the cake and card were extra. We watched tv all day then chilled out with Mark when he came back and started drinking Goon again.
Next mornig and with a banging head, we all stumbled into a taxi to the airport and now....well here we are in New Zealand! We arrived last night, but were delayed on the runway for an hour or 2 due to something shit. I got to see Air New Zealand Hobbit plane though which was awesome! We had a beer but an early night really and today just been getting some jobs done. Today is Friday so we are all ready to party tonight :)

Next time I blog will include the one and only Will Russell!! and Christmas and New Year maybe! So Strange to think :)

Tata for now :)

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