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A Final Farewell to Vietnam and those damned Chickens

Durians, goodbyes, stolen phones, ass injections, chicken shit, and stupid Russians

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And now....the end is near....and so I face...LEAVING ASIA.
Okay this blog will be difficult to write for two reasons. One; I had to leave people I loved, and two; I had my phone robbed, and in it, I had a log of my day to day activites so that I wouldn't forget when it came to blog-writing time. SHIT.

My last few days in Nha Trang were pretty busy seeing people and doing all those last minute things! I had a couple of crazy nights out, but of course the best and most spectacular one was the last one :) Everyone was there...Chloe and her friend Louise who I had met a couple of nights earlier, Tri, Bi, the Wave girls..and later Babyduck and The. It really was great. Bi and I shared what I can only describe as a vase of rum and coke (pics on fb :-P ) and there was lots of Gangnam style dancing going on and everyone had a fantastic night.
The next morning I woke up remembering our plans for a BBQ when the stench of Durian hit me and the frog and chicken I had bought the previous day from the market had leaked stinky juices in my fridge...hungover, we managed to get everyone together by 11am for the beach BBQ. At first things looked bleak with only me Babyduck and The accounted for. But we were soon joined by Tri, Louise and...really sorry cant remember her name, Dutch girl will have to do, and much to my delight even Bi showed up after saying he couldnt make it. He was also followed by An so we had a right crew down there! Was a nice relaxing day and later I went back to my room for a rest and to wrap up some prezzies I got for the guys when I came to say goodbye...
That night, a few of us met up again for dinner at Ciao Vetnam - me, Babyduck, Tri, Bi and Thao. Afterwards we had icecream then went upstairs in Oasis to see The and for me to take some 'last night' pictures and shed some goodbye tears. I brought my manx flag which was quickly snatched by The who wore it as a cape. Why is everyone out to steal my flag! I gave them each a little something but as Tri and I decided to get the night bus the following day I would be able to see them one last time in the morning.
I had breakfast in Salut with Chloe, Vi, Bi, Tri, The and Babyduck...and then...Nha Trang began to cry.
It was completely shitting down and was quickly flooded. It had been beautiful for weeks and they day I leave, its miserable...it really brought the mood even lower. Me Babyduck and Tri went to East Rock to watch a movie and have a cuppa - we watched George of the Jungle which the pair of them found absolutely hysterical! I was more entertained by their reactions the silly buggers :)
I then trundled over to an internet cafe to put my piccs on facey-b then dragged all my stuff to Oasis to wait for the bus. I had 1 last hour with everyone. I was honestly fighting tears pretty much the entire time. I couldnt even speak and it made things a little awkward. Nobody wanted to talk so we mostly sat in silence. I almost lot it when I was sandwiched between Bi and Babyduck and had to walk off and take a shot to take the edge off. No sooner had I done it, the bus was there, in about 2 ft of water, waiting for me and Tri. I grabbed Bi and Babyduck in a death grip, fought back the tears, told them how much I loved them, and ran out to the bus.
The was carrying my bag and blatantly laughing in my tear-stained face at the fact that I was being such a woman! The. Always brings a smile to my face. Not quite as big a smile as his cheesy grin but I can never be unhappy when he's around. He is literally the happiest person I know. Even when you talk to him on the phone, you can hear his smile. Love you always my friend x
It was painful as shit saying goodbye to Babyduck (Thanh), it really felt like I was leaving my child. Babyduck is 24 with the face of a 16 year old and the mind of a 12 year old...she is so playful (nyi nhanh!) and adorable like a little girl really. She's the most innocent person I know. I mean, who could possibly mistake a graphic picture of a penis as being a condom or a candle? Thanh. So wonderful. I'll always be your motherduck :) love you lots and lots x
And now onto Bi...I was dreading this goodbye as well. Me and Bi have grown so close during my time in Nha Trang. Not only is his English amazing, his sense of humour is unbelievable and so well matched to mine so I do feel like he was like my best friend. He is a mean Gangnam dancer and so handsome (dep trai!) and has a real sensitive heart underneath all the manliness. I will be jealous of anyone who gets to hang around with him in the future. Love you so so much x

Okay so enough gay shit. Life goes on...Tri and I made the bus, on which I cried the whole time. We arrived near his village around 2am, puffy-eyed and feeling like shit. A motorbike taxi guy took us to his house which is in a very rural quiet area. Well...I say 'quiet' but actually it was noisy as hell the next morning. Chickens. WTF. Why? 3am they started their shit squawking, then 5am the family were up and what sounded like an army of kids running around. I really couldn't appreciate this on the first day there as I was still feeling miserable about leaving my friends. I tried to sleep through it but when the smell of chicken shit (cut ga!) started wafting through the window, I was soon up and about. Tri's family were lovely. His mum and Sister 5 and her son live in the house but other relatives had come to visit. Another of Tri's sisters, her husbands wife and their kids, his brother and his kids...I really cant remember them all. We refer to them with numbers as there are so many! Anyway, the kids were a little shy but so was I really. Nobody knew any English and my Vietnamese only extends as far as greetings, numbers, and swear words. We entertained the kids by repeating 'cut ga' and 'cut bo' and 'lo dit' which mean chicken shit, cow shit, and asshole. Which they loved. Obviously :-P Tri's mum and sister 5 cooked amazing meals but in between those I was sleeping a lot and had come down with a bad cold.
This is where things started going even further downhill.
I was sick. Tri would take me to the pharmacy. The 'pharmacy' was a mans house with a bed and a mediccine cabinet. Things already looked ominous. We told the 'doctor' I had a cold and could I get some strepsils and paracetamol but he insisted on having a good feel of my stomache, poking his stethescope all over my chest and looking in my ears nose and throat. He then pulled a syringe from somewhere and basically tried to stick it in my ass. I mean, he didnt even say what itwas for or why or anything! I was like, 'I have a friggin cold, not some disease' but eventually I gave up and let him inject my arm instead. No way was he and everyone in the room (yeh people had come to watch the strange sick white girl lying on the bed) gonna look at my ass!
Okay so after there we went to Sister 8's house for a hang out and some lunch etc. Unknowingly, my mobile phone had fallen from my pocket on the motorbike ride there - I didnt notice as I was pretty sleepy and not even awake the whole ride. Anyway when we got there, I assumed the phone was at home and settled in to watch all the goings ons. Tri's brother, who looks incredibly like him, arrived on a bike holding 3 live ducks at their necks. He sat them down and invited me to watch the precedings - they were for lunch. He sliced their throats and let the blood drain. It took a surprisingly long time for the ducks to die and I felt pretty bad for them. On the other hand, I was starving.
They did a chicken too which I felt quite smug about having had to deal with their constant noise all the time, not to mention the shit everywhere. Tri and his brother-in-law then poured hot water on the corpses and began plucking them. It took a really long time but it was all very interesting. They looked peaceful again when they were washed and naked and had their eyes closed. Kinda..
Lunch was amazing as usual. The whole family sit on the floor with loads of different dishes spread out and everyone helps themselves. They made me feel so welcome despite the massive language gap.
When we returned, I realised what happened with my phone. We phoned it and a guy actually answered, promising to deliver the phone later. I was kinda happy but still couldnt shake the anxiety. He turned the phone off that night but in the morning said he would bring it. Again he turned it off and i just thought what a wanker. He is playing games with us. I was already in a fragile state what with being ill, leaving my friends, nobody speaking English, asshole chickens, and now no phone. FML. I took my mind off it with some embryos and Tom & Jerry with the kids.
The next day I had breakfast with Tri and his mum, sister 5 and nephew. As usual it was amazing. Later we went to visit another sister (cant remember which one...8?!) chatted to the clan there for a while then checked out the local beach which was beautiful. Unfortunately it was raining but woulda been great on a nice day. That night we still were in contact with the man with my phone and called him again the stupid asshole. I just wanted a yes or no answer. Was I gonna get it back at all or not? So annoyed! I had an early night as we were due to get up at 6am. I woke up at 4am with the most horrendous stomache cramps. Straight to the toilet, was pretty sick and felt so awful I wondered how I would manage the bus. After a quick goodbye we were on a bus to Quy Nhon for 1 hr 30 mins. I honestly thought I was gonna die. I felt faint and sick and it was terrible. We were supposed to change buses at some station but I literally started collapsing and hat to sit down and have lots of water. It was so bad I told Tri I couldnt get on a 7 hour bus to Dalat. We checked into a hotel and he ran to get me some medicine. After a few hours, I was feeling surprisingly better and felt well enough to get an overnight bus so thats what we did!

We arrived in Dalat around 6am, it was beautiful as I remembered. But so cold! We got a hotel room and had a nap till about 10am then bad breakfast and walked around the city and around the big lake, markets etc. I picked up some rice wine and a new phone for 30 quid, better than my old one :) happy again. That night we went out to some night market thing and had chicken feet which really werent that great as they were so sinewy. It was bloody freezing as well and I actually had to buy a scarf!
After some fried ice cream and a quest to buy some local rice wine, we left Dalat on a bus to Mui Ne. We knew Mui Ne would be expensive but it looked crazy expensive when we were driving through it so it was a good job that Tri's other brother lived nearby and was more than happy to host us. They had a really nice home right on the beach and the most adorable kids. A 12 yr old boy, a 5 yr old girl and a 1 year old chap. There were lots of other kids there too though, neighbours and relatives alike. They were'nt as shy as those from Tri's village and were more than happy posing for pictures and playing silly games. That night Tri and I went out for some wine and food, couple more beers, then headed back. We were both pissed but I guess Tri was more so than me, and also I am the better driver, so we had a funny motorbike ride back home (20 mins) with me almost mounting the curb more than once!
Next day we walked for 2 hours along the beach with a girl called Hong (I think?) We saw some filthy Russians on the way to which Tri declared (silently) ''put your asshole away stupid shit face Baruski'' - Thats another thing. Tri hates swearing. He never NEVER swore in Nha Trang but recently he really seems to enjoy it! Cracks me up as well especially when it makes no sense. We often intermingle english with Vietnamese as well and I have taught him such things as 'chocolate starfish', 'shit pipe' etc etc We unfortunately ran into more stupid Russians at a cafe where a Baruski man kept thinking Tri worked there, despite that he was sat with me and someone else, ordering food and well...not working. Idiot. The same man spent an hour in the sea, not surfing. He had the board but he just held it. Didnt go on it, didnt make any attempts. Just stayed there for about an hour. Stupid baruski.
Bus back, we hung out with the kids and chilled out eating the most amazing sea crabs - so so many of them and all for me and Tri :)
The next day we were up early and on the bus to Saigon. Really loved his family and those kids, was sad when we left.

Saigon has been treating us well apart from one thing. You would think being in a city like this, and having come from rural countryside, that you might escape butthole chickens going crazy. NO. There is a godammed chicken in a cage right below my window. In the middle of a busy city. So I am still being woken up at ridiculous hours. Stupid creature.
Tri is quite overwhelmed by the mayhem here but so far we've done museums, an awful zoo, a lot of walking, bia hoi, nice food, and last night a good night out with a Scottish girl I know who lives here, Michelle. Feeling pretty ropey today so havent done much. Tonight we're gonna have dinner then go to the free cinema around the corner to watch Skyfall again.
We watched 'TED' the other night and thought it was hilarious - had to explain some of the innuendo-ee type jokes for Tri but it was so good. If you like Family Guy, definitely watch it :)

Okay so this is my last blog featuring Vietnam really. I leave here in 2 days time and havent much planned until then.

I will be in Sydney for a week and I am going to couch surf with a Korean guy from Gangnam for a couple of nights so next blog should be intersting :)

Anyway, gotta run, its Pho time :)

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Halloween, Mass Murder, Fish Envy & Cider!

Russell Rampages & Shimministic Shenanigans

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Well well well...this should be an interesting blog to write. My parents left yesterday and believe me, it was pretty hard to say goodbye again. My mainn consolation is that I will be home to see them again in less than 3 months. Anyway, enough gay shit, on with the show!!

Last time I left off with the awfulness that was Nha Trang Hospital...it still makes me shudder just thinking about it. Well since then, Chloe's eye is coming along nicely and I completely 100% put it down to those hot chicken eggs she was rubbing on it. I'd reccommend it. Not only does it ctually work, but it makes for an amusing sight also.
So it's Halloween now, and my last night of work in Oasis Bar. Halloween is celebrated over 2 consecutive days in Vietnam, 30th and 31st October, however the bigger night is the latter of course. So I came to work the day before official Halloween to find the bar nicely decorated with spooky crap and some fancy dress outside to use. We were also supplied with 'face paints' though I will point out now that they were not facepaints at all, but oil based watercolours that technically shouldnt be used on human skin...hmmm...that night we had a great time messing about, with the highlight of my night personally, being giving Bi a body makeover with some nice purple nipples and a big happy face on his chest, along with a giant phallus on his back. Once said phallus was painted, I assumed he would be a bit mad but instead took it in his stride and lept onto the dancefloor for some Gangnam style dancing :) Great night.

On Halloween, me and Tri went shopping for accessories, masks and facepaint for the guys in Oasis as the watercolours proved oily and messy and looked truly horrendous the night before. We didnt find facepaint but I bought some makeup and felt tips instead which I would later come to regret. That night I got ready at Chloes, and gave her a 2nd black eye to match the other one, and made myself into a crazy tiger using the orange felt tip (uh-oh) and off we went! Well it was a great night, we started at Red Apple where Vietnamese families, in their hundreds decended on the bars of Nha Trang like some kind of plague, to watch and take pictures of the silly foreigners in their Halloween get-ups. There were literally hundreds of them, on motorbikes just watching us all. I felt like a celebrity getting my picture snapped and people coming to talk to me! Went went to a couple of other bars before realising that we were both petty eniebriated at Oasis. I didnt have the balls to go to the Sailing Club, however Chloe went on, and before long I received a text from her saying she'd lost her flip-flops. I was physically unable to reply but managed to get myself home.
The next day, I naturally had a banging hangover, chugged a load of coke and watched 'Me, Myself and Irene' to cheer myself up. Later, me and Tri went to East Rock cafe so I could have some chili con carne to sweat the beer out of me. Unfortunately I wasn't prepared for the spicyness as I normally would be and suffered severe stomache cramps and dizzy sweats (I also wasn't prepared for the spicyness on the way out later) When it was over however, I did feel my hangover had lessened. I received a phonecall from my parents with an update on their bowel movements and a question fom Dad regarding the specifics of 'morning glory' in both senses of the word! Parents! Pfft! :)
I went to an internet cafe later that afternoon for a catch up with people and had some devastating news from my brother. Our beloved Mondeo was in car heaven. Will was told she would never drive again and after an agonising decision, it was thought best to save her from a degrading final few years being confined to a driveway, and send her someplace where they would 'take care of her'. I know this was the right thing to do, but I can't help feel that this is ort of like murder. Too many things are changing back at home and it's making me wonder what kind of life I wil come back to....

So on 3rd November, I'm sat having lunch with Tri in a street cafe wondering when my parents are arriving as I couldnt reach them, when my phone rings and Mum tells me they have ust arrived!! I for some reason was expecting them later that afternoon. After the initial panick was over, I managed to get myself to their fancy hotel just in time to meet them from their taxi. It felt crazy to be here in Vietnam with my parents and I was so happy to see them! There would be much catching up to do. We went to their room, which was like Grand Central Station compared to my cupboard room. I was the happiest I've been in ages when Mum produced a bottle of cider, and Dad, some manx cheeses....what a great gift! Parents, with cider and cheese! I had to pinch myself!
After a swim in their hotel pool, we decided it was a nice day to check out Nha Trang's mud baths. For approx 9 quid each, you had your own personal floaty hot mudbath, a shower the size of an entire room, a waterfall, water fountain, water cave, and beachy pool area to lark about in. It was so relaxing, the perfect afternoon in preparation for a big night out ;) Afterwards, we went back to their hotel and got ready to go out and I took them to Oasis to meet the guys...everyone apart from The was there, and so excited to meet them. After a couple of beers we went off to eat dinner in Lanterns restaurant then hit Wave Bar to meet Chloe, then back on to Oasis where Dad and I managed to drink pretty much 2 beer towers. At this stage, Baby Duck was referring to my parents as Grandpa Duck and Grandmother Duck which was hilarious. I also thought it was funny that Mum was drinking a bucket!! haha crazy parents. And it got crazier, surprise surprise! Feeling a little peckish like we normally do around midnight, we took them to our favourite embryo place and my Dad swifty gulped down 2 of them claiming 'they're really nice!!' Unbelievable! I don't think Tri could believe his eyes! So funny.

The next day I met my parents bright and early for some breakfast in Salut, before heading to Blue Sky to rent a couple of bikes for the day. Thanh gave me directions on how to get to Ba Ho waterfall and we set off. It took us maybe one hour to drive it, and we got to see some really nice parts of the countryside. We made the turn off onto the road to take you there and it was like an offroad dirt track. Some other tourists were stopped by the start, probably wondering whether to leave the bikes behind. Like a pair of pros, me and Dad just whizzed right past them and up the track. Some parts were pretty trecherous but I thought it was a fun ride. When we got there, we then had to walk quite far up a path, and were then greeted by some small Vietnamese women who helped us scramble over big boulders and rocks right up to the top of the waterfall. It was no mean feat, so we gave them a tip. We met an English guy there who was jumping off what can only be described as a giant cliff, into the waterfall which was surounded by rocks. I thought he was a bit of a tit because he really was very narrowly missing killing himself on the rocks. I really needed to wee, and although the urge was great to just go in the water, I couldnt help but remember all those nature shows where the little things swim up your pee-hole and eat your intestines or whatever, so I held on.
It was a good day out and when we got back, me and Mum went to the salon for manicure and pedicures. Both of us were cringing and jerking away when they did our feet and it almost seemed as though they'd never had a ticklish customer before..!
Later, Dad chose a really nice restaurant where I had the best food I think I've had in Vietnam. We also called Will while we were there to see how his fireworks party went, and he seemed nicely hungover and happy how it went :)
Mum and Dad had an earlyish night after that and headed back to their hotel while I went to meet Baby Duck for ice cream and a walk about.

The next morning, me and Tri rented bikes and headed over to the market to pick up some frogs and beef for a BBQ on our favourite, Bai Dai beach. In the market, we found a woman with a bag of live frogs. Hmmm....clearly if we ordered some, they would have to die, so i would just look away wouldnt I? Well no sooner than Tri had ordered them, the woman was plucking them out of the bag, smashing their heads off a slab of concrete and putting them in a pile. It was sickening and I am pretty sure they were still alive. After that, she took a pair of kitchen scissors to their backs, and basically degloved them so they were all pink and naked. I hoped they were dead at this point becase what hapened next was truly stomache churning. She held one out as it seemed to look at me, and swifty snipped its head off into a bucket. I shrieked and turned around while Tri shielded me from the horror. 2 hours later and we were eating delicious barbequed frog. We picked up some sticky beef from a restaurant as well and after some excesive fannying, were eventually on our way with Bi and Baby Duck as well. On the beach, we were able to get a BBQ from Tippy and had another nice relaxing day. Beer was drank, we swam in the sea, we had great food. All round good day. Unfortunately Bi had to leave early which meant that I was driving Baby Duck AND Tri on the same bike. It was a funny ride home :)
Later, me and Tri met The in a bia hoi place, and my parents joined us before we headed to book a fishing trip the following day. Later we had some more drinks in Wave Bar, where they also met Thao, then some Pho Hai San from our favourite Pho place :) After they went, we sat in Oasis for a bit then went home.

I was up at 8am the next morning getting in the taxi for the fishing trip. We picked up my parents and off we went, on our own boat, into the ocean. Nothin could have prepared us for what happened next....my Mum, after having her line in the water for a mere 2 minutes, caught the first fish!!! A little red fella! I was happy one of us had caught one but still wanted to catch one myself. Mum, having caught one, decided that was enough and sat back to watch mine and Dad's agony at being beaten by her. Shortly after, I caught my first which was a snake head fish (and looked almost decpitated), and then another. By the third one, I heard Dad swearing. Clearly his manhood was at stake here and he wasnt taking it well. Things remained tense until at last he caught one! It was a decent size so after that, his mood was lighter and he had a celebratory beer :) We went to a floating fish market and then had a BBQ on the boat with the crew which was really nice. They asked if we wanted to snorkel. Yes, we did. We stopped somewhere and I had a swim and Dad had a snorkel. Even Mum got in!
Back on the boat, the guys asked if we wanted to fish more. YES!! I caught one more fish straight away and shortly after Dad caught another (although he was too embarrassed by its small size and threw it back straight away! :-P ) We got back to Nha Trang at 4pm and I had my first bath in 5months at their hotel!
After going back to my hotel for a nap, me and Tri met them again in a bar across the road where I opened thata delicious refreshing, cooling, sweet, amazing bottle of cider. I drank it quickly. It felt good. So good. Tri had bought my parents a gift as well which was really sweet They didnt open it as it was for when they got back home. We then went to Lemongrass restaurant and after an extreme bout of faffing of my own accord, we went over to Oasis s they could see the guys one more time. We were disappointed that Baby Duck wasnt there, but she was sick so it couldnt be helped. Mum and Dad shared Long Island Iced Tea buckets, and me and Bi shared Rum and Coke buckets. They had dank beer and wine also and were pretty well sloshed when it came to leaving. They gave the guys all a little present each from the Isle of Man as well, much to the delight of everyone :) and then they were off. Me and Bi and Tri eventually went to the Sailing club to check that out. It was dead so we didnt stay long, but it was a great night and the next morning, this was apparent from my banging hangover.
I met my parents along with Tri, in Salut for brekkie and then after they said goodbye to Tri, went with them in a taxi back to their hotel to pack their last bits n pieces. I waved them off in their taxi to the airport and it was like saying goodbye all over again...Those 4 days were some of my favourite in Nha Trang and I was so sad to see them go. After they left, I had some retail therapy in the market before returning to bed for 4 hours of sleep. And later had Indian food with Chloe and Tri. Had an early night last night and now today I think I', just meeting Bi for lunch or coffees, then possibly going to the cinema later!

Looking forward to leaving here next week, but really don't want to leave any of my friends here. It's going to be very hard and very strange but I now have something else to look forward to....MY BROTHER! COMING TO NEW ZEALAND!! I can't wait!! :)

There'll only be one more blog from me from Vietnam after this one!

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Gangnam Style, Drunk Doctors, and Eggs for your Eyes!

Pissed Parents Enterprises Inc.

sunny 32 °C

Happy Birthday for Tri today! :) After nice breakfast and walk along the beach, we met The and Bi for lunch and beers in an Italian restaurant. Afterwards, I rented a motorbike and drove Tri out to Cam Lam to see his friend. Unfortunately, after the hour long drive to get there, his friend was unable to see us and we had to turn back. It was a really nice drive in the Vietnamese countryside though and we had a good laugh at all the typically ridiculous things you see people carrying by motorbike....wardrobes, upside-down live chickens, baskets of ducks, 5 ft wedding portraits...y'know, the usual. Back in Nha Trang, we went to work and had a pretty good night; free ale was distributed later on, a birthday cake was brought in, and there was a lot of gangnam style dancing of course! It was a really good night all round :)

The next day, I had brunch with Baby Duck and Bi followed by some awesome ice cream. After that, Baby Duck was feeling sleepy so I took her to my hotel and put her to bed and went back out to meet Tri at the beach. It was National Women's Day in Vietnam and I noticed a red rose in his hand when he got off the bus ;-) Following a walk along the beach, we had MORE ice cream then went to wake up Baby Duck for work at 3:30pm. I had Tri's laptop in my room and was able to skype baby brother, although the wifi is shit in my room so had to do it in the hall. I introduced him to Tri and Baby Duck who were both so excited to 'meet' him haha. Later, I managed a mini-skype session with Dave and Baby Oliver ( and a hungover Kim :-P ) which was cool too. I also received some slightly concerning texts from my parents who had begun phase 1 of their journey to Vietnam. The trip started in typical Russell fashion with Dad getting pissed, and Mum's bra 'falling off' in departures....and they're coming here. HERE! Where I am! Good God what have I let myself in for!

The next day was pretty dull, didnt do too much and had a catch up on some sleep. Later on however, we welcomed a group of Aussies into the bar, who proceeded to get very drunk and did not want to pay their bill. Tri finished work at midnight, and me and Bi at 1am and we were waiting to get get embryos until 2:30am when I finally lost it with them and gave them 500,000vd and said to just get the hell out and pay me back rather than wasting our time. After they left, Tri then told me that him and The would have to pay $10 of the bill towards cocktails that the girls said they did not have!! I was so angry and the next night, they WOULD pay, I'd make sure.
Due do it being such a late night, I didnt get out of bed till after lunch time and just went down the beach for a 'read' (which in reality means more sleep). Tri didnt come to work tonight and I knew why. He wanted to avoid any confrontation with the asshole Aussies because he knew what I had to say to them. Sure enough they came in and I told them that unless they paid, the staff would have to pay which isnt fair at all. I told them that the cocktails they said they didnt have, were seen on their table throughout the night - by me! Well it worked, they felt o bad, they paid up and gave The a tip as well ;-) GOOD!
Anyway, later that night was the worst rain I've een in Nha Trang so far. So bad, you cant ride a motorbike in it. Not only is it about ten inches deep, but its like a bucket being poured on your head. Usually Bi gives me a ride home and Thanh cycles. We slept a little in the bar but when the rain died out, we all got on Bi's motorbike and raced home. I told Baby Duck to stay with me as she lived too far away so we had another little sleepover.
Next morning, I woke up (well...I say morning...more like lunch time) and was in the middle of talking to Thanh when I had the sudden urge to chunder. Bleurgh! Sick sick sick and stomache pain as well. Maybe I ate something bad but I could hardly move. Baby duck got her motherduck some medicine then I managed to go out and get some lunch before heading home. Still bad later, I couldnt face work so phoned in sick. Tri came to visit for an hour or so then I had a nice earlyish night, though was waking up through tthe night in pain :(

In the morning, I felt a little bit better and Bi came and picked me up and we went for lunch then coffees in a very dark and shady coffee house. We spent a good hour looking at some very 'interesting' and not at all gay, videos which was nice. At 3pm I met Tri off the bus and we had a wander in the park by the beach before heading back to my hotel for a nap. Later after we had been in work no less than 30mins, Bang-Bang, the cute little shitstabber who works at Wave Bar came running over telling me that 'Owen' had been in a motorbike accident...Who the hell was Owen?! Turns out he meant Chloe...none of them can say her name though. Not knowing how bad it was, me and Tri got in a cab and went straight to A&E...When we got to her, the first thing I felt was relief as she was awake, however the hospital was awful and I couldnt help notice vomit in buckets on the floors, and the fact that we didnt even seem to be in a room, we were actually in reception area where Chloe was on a stretcher with a drip being administered. They told us she was being taken to another room and honest to god it was like a Carry On film...The nurses wheeling her through the corridors kept smashing into doors etc and many of the doorways appeared to small for the stretcher to even go through. How utterly idiotic. The next room they put Chloe in was in Intensive care however I noticed that Tri was no longer with us. I ran back and some bitch doctor had padlocked him on the other side of the door. Padlocked?! what the hell was this place! We couldnt get her to let him in but we needed him to translate as no doctors spoke English and we had no idea what was going on. Eventually, Chloe managed to have a little sleep. She's had a knock to the head and her eye was a little swollen. Obviously she was feeling pretty rough and they wanted to check her brain was ok. While she was asleep, I glanced around the room. It was full of old emaciated men and women who looked like they'd been there for ages. Thats when I noticed the smell. I knew what it was of course, so more fool me for looking. It was nappy change time and there was shit everywhere I looked. I mean, all of them had shit, and were getting changed by their relatives. I willed Chloe to keep her eyes shut, as did I!! During the night, I saw someone die and another person being resuscitated manually by about 4 doctors who worked on the person for a good 10 minutes. It was interesting but the whole experience was shocking. The beds were about 6 inches apart from eachother and there was no privacy. Then there was the noises. Gurgling, rasping, couching, sneezing, bleeping, blasting, whirring...no wonder Owen had no sleep! ...I mean, Chloe. After some time, I went out to the padlocked door and someone let me out into the 'waiting area' which was a chairless room with dirty floors. Me and Tri managed to catch a few hours sleep before a Doctor woke me up at 6am saying Owen was awake. Shit! Chloe...Owen just sounds right now. Anyway I went in and waited with her to find out what was happening and they said she had to go to another room. The other room was equally awful with no room and no English speakers. We had become local celebrities as well and people were not just staring at Owen, but everywhere I went, faces looking up at me like I was some kind of Alien. I returned their looks of curiosity with cheesy grins and lots of waving. Tri and I left and went home for a bit of kip before returning with some things for Chloe like food, clothes, toothbrush etc and this time her room was a little better, though still very noisy. And dirty. It was then that we met some random doctor. He was 24...a doctor, singer, pianist, dancer and policeman (bullSHIT) but he was kinda funny and he and Tri become instant friends. His name was Long. Owen had quiet a few visitors while we were there, including some of her fellow teachers who kindly brought her hot chicken eggs to stuff into her black eye. We stayed with her until about 5pm, but had to be back for work at 6 so wished her the best and went off to Oasis. I was still feeling a little sick and the pains had grown so bad I couldnt breathe without it hurting. Ironically, just when it was at its worst, Owens doctor, Mr Long turned up and told me to come to hospital next day. Well I was already so what the hell. He and Tri had a few drinks and at 1am I was ready to go home. They walked me back to my hotel but then the crazy doctor wanted to come to my hotel room with me and Tri or alternatively book a hotel room for just him nd Tri!~!! What the hell was going on! I escaped as quickly as possible and tried to forget the incident. He was absolutely steaming after his 5 beers.
Next morning I hired a motorbike and took Tri and Baby Duck to the hospital. We had a complete nightmare there because the man Chloe hit wanted her to pay his hospital bill or he would involve the police. We then had unbelievable problems with Chloe's own bill being increased 3 times because she is a foreigner. Absolutely ridiculous. Bunch of assholes. I wont go into details because I'll only make myself mad but we ended up getting out of there and the first thing I did was have beer. It was heaven. That night in work I was still exhausted and so glad to go back to my hotel again.
I slept until lunch time today then had lunch with Tri then fell asleep on the beach. I woke up when a football hit me in the face. Then I came here. And later I will go to work. Then tomorrow me and the guys will go to Yang Bay Waterfall for a nice chilled out day...ahhhhh bliss!!!

Well in my next blog, there should be many entertaining stories due to the fact that my parents will have been here. Already it sounds like they are having an excellent time - They somehow managed to sort themsevles out a Vietnamese sim card, AND text me from it!! They were pissed on Halong Bay and very excited about learning how to say hello in Vietnamese - Xin Chao!!!

Anyway, thats all for now!

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Baby Ducks, Boats n Hoes, Frog BBQs, Silly Billies & Nipples

Once upon a time in Nha Trang.....

semi-overcast 30 °C

Once Upon a Time....in Nha Trang city, lived a baby duck called Thanh, otherwise known, simply as 'Baby Duck'. Today was Baby Duck's birthday. Baby Duck was turning 24. So in celebration of her birthday, Baby Duck and her friends had a nice lunch in Salut (which despite the shit Russian name, was actually a really nice restaurant) then went in search of a Karaoke bar. Once the Karaoke Bar had been located, Baby Duck and all her friends went inside and selected some good songs to sing. Baby Duck sang the best, and everyone was very jealous of her beautiful singing voice! Nobody knew how well baby ducks could sing! It was a horrible rainy day but Baby Duck had so much fun and everyone lived happily ever after....!

Anyway, enough of that. So yes after a nice day out, it was time for the real party to begin. Baby Duck's birthday fell on the first saturday of October which happened to be the famous Oasis Beer Drinking Contest ;) We were all working but in celebration of her birthday we were all getting a little merry with a few beverages as well. Later a cake was brought out, complete with a duckling centerpiece, and the duck hersalf gave us a nice little speech. Following this, the beer drinking contest was a massive success, mainly because yours truly came 2nd place and won a day diving. Unfortunately however, I am terrified of diving so I felt it was apt to hand over the prize to Baby Duck with the promise that I would keep her company on the boat. The contest consisted of downing 1 beer as quick as possible. Strangely the girls outdid the boys as myself and another girl were top 2! It was here that I met Louis, from Newport, who was completely hammered trying to win the contest and coming in last place. I knew straight away that I would be seeing him again but probably never sober and sure enough the following night he was back again entertaining us all with his silly drunkenness. With his cheeky face, it was impossible to be annoyed by him even when he accused me of being a 'Bor-a-saurus'! While in the middle of talking to him, he rudely walked passed me, into the bar, through the bar, and jumped over a wall and ran into a burger joint. Later he was back as he was unable to find his hotel or remember the name of it. What a mess hahahahaha.
The next couple of days are a blur of working and sleeping and there really isn't much to tell. Just when I started to feel the boredom settle in during the day time when I have nothing to do, Baby Duck suggested a strict pattern of meeting up at 11am each day for an English lesson, rather than just random meetings here and there. I obviously agreed so the next day, myself, Thanh, Tri and The met up in a cafe to go through some English exam papers. I helped them with that for a couple of hours then we went out for a late lunch and a couple of beers. A nice chilled out day, I napped in my room (as always) before work at 7pm. Tonight I had a few beers after work (at 1am) with some customers and when I realised it was nearly 3am, I felt too bad to go home and wake up the old woman to let me in. All the customers had gone, so I watched a film in the bar until 5am then headed home. Obviously I was completely exhausted but I managed to get up around 1am to meet everyone for English. We met in Oasis so we could get free wifi but after god only knows how much time had passed, I woke up to find that ALL of us had fallen asleep on the sofas!! When and how did that happen!? Thats the one bad thing about working in a bar like this, regardlesd of whether or not you are drinking, you are constantly exhausted from the late nights. All the staff are the same and we always try to catch a few hours here and there which is why I always end up asleep on the beach, and why Tri is always about 3 hours late for work. The work itself isnt hard, but the hours are long and tiring.
Next day, as I've just mentioned, was a beach day for my, by which I mean, I am fully clothed and curled up in a ball under a coconut tree on the beach, sleeping for a few hours. Today however, I was asleep for SO long that the shadow of the tree moved, and as such I got a bit sunburned!

That night Mr Tung asked me and Tri to go on a boat trip to try and befriend unsuspecting tourists and lure them into Oasis later. Unfortunately though it was another late night working and when we woke up, we were too tired to move and missed it. By the time I got up, I managed to meet Tri, The, and Bi on the beach for some English practice, but while we were there, someone drowned and a lot of people on the beach that had snorkels were helping look for the body. The sea is pretty dangerous this time of year as the waves are massive, and it was a pretty sobering thought that has stopped me swimming there since. We left there and I went for some dinner with Bi, followed by a couple of the strongest shots of limoncello I've ever had!....In work later, we informed Mr Tung that we didnt go on the trip but that we definitely would go tomorrow. I was pretty psyched when Bi, The, and Tam mentioned they would be joining us :)

So next morning, we were all supposed to meet at 8am and as per the usual fannying ways of the Vietnamese, everyone was late and our boat was the last one to leave. Straight away I could see any attempts to befriend tourists would be futile. They were all Korean and Vietnamese...! Ah well, Mr Tung would never know ;) so we all just made the most of our day. It was so much better than the last boat trip I went on. Bi was wearing a sexy little nipple-skimming vest so I couldnt resist tweaking his nipples all day much to his annoyance. And he didnt just attract my attention....we had a ladyboy on board (or 'shitstabber' as Bi so aptly put it) complete with coconut bikini which he later handed over to Bi with a nudge and a wink ;) There was dancing, music, food, and a floating bar...it was a great day all round. When we got back, I had a nap in my hotel then headed off to work. It was a very quiet night and our friends who normally show up (Billy, Louis and Gareth) were nowhere to be seen.

Waking up the next morning without feeling horrible and tired was refreshing for a change. Today, we had planned to have a BBQ on the beach. We invited our friend Billy from near London to come with us. So at 10am, Tri picked me up and we met with Bi and Billy, and Baby Duck and drove up to the market to buy food etc. I have previously mentioned how badly the Vietnamese are for faffing around and today is an excellent example. We got to the market and nobody seemed to know what we were buying. Baby Duck was being vegetarian for the day so I suggested making some veggie kebabs...mushroom, pepper, onion, tomato skewer etc. What did everyone else want? We bought some mushrooms and that was it. We walked all over the damn place and all we bought was a handful of feeble little mushrooms. I asked if we could buy a durian which is a bug stinking fruit that smells of feet, cheese, and rotten flesh and even though we could see them, the biys said we would get one somewhere else. So then we had to buy a BBQ which in Vietnam, consists of a ceramic pot filled with coals. The whole thing only cost us 2 quid. Afterwards, there was another spell of fannying while we looked for something else. Bear in mind though that all we had were some measly mushrooms. We rode back over to the beach where Tam would meet us with some frogs and chicken. Well I hope she made enough for all of us...the mushys would go nowhere! When we arrived, we realised we had forgotten the beer. (And pretty much everything else) but Tam came to the rescue with a massive container of marinating frogs and chicken legs...and beer! Yay Tam!
BBQ on the go, frogs sizzling, we all had a nice relaxing day...I once again ended up looking after the 2 sleepiest members of the crew...Tri and Baby Duck (who is now calling me motherduck) who both fell asleep on me.
Later, I met Bi and Billy for a cheap drink and food before meeting up with my friend Chloe, and the girls from Wave Bar. The night got off to a great start and we even managed to get hold of Louis and Gareth who joined up with us. Many photos were taken, many laughs were had, but the night ended with me having to take home Bi who then proceeded to vomit everywhere including in my bed and on the floor. Bad Bi.

I woke up the next morning feeling delightfully fresh, however I believe the reason I woke up was due to the smell of stale vomit coming from my bin....again, thanks Bi :-P I got out of the room, apologised to the woman and headed out for some brunch. Afterwards, I met Bi and Billy and we all went to Nha Trang Shopping Centre. Billy wanted to buy a Vietnamese girl he loves, a parting gift, and I needed to find something for Tri's birthday. While there, Billy used an ATM and discovered that his account was frozen. Rather than thinking it was more likely that his bank had frozen it as a safety precaution, Billy was a very angry boy (sorry Billy if you are reading this but it was kinda funny!) While he was ranting and raving about Natwest, he realised that he had also lost his sunglasses. As he put it 'It was the worst f**king day ever!!!'. Trying not to laugh, me and Bi waited while he went back to retrieve his sunglasses and when he returned, Bu quipped ''Silly Billy''. Billy did not take kindly to this and called Bi a dickhead, which only encouraged us to laugh even more hahahaha Anyway, this story had a happy ending as Billy phoned his bank and they reactivated his card. No harm done Billy :) We went to Oasis afterwards so Billy could say goodbye to everyone. It was pretty sad actually. We didnt want Billy to leave and will definitely miss him....next to go will be Louis and Gareth but I think maybe I will invade Newport when I get home and have a mini-reunion :)

Yesterday I rented a motorbike and picked up Baby Duck for a trip to the market to find nice things for Tri. We bought him an alarm clock which will hopefully help him to get to work on time, and some movies. Afterwards we stopped on the grass by the beach and slept for 2 hours. I then took her to work where I played a couple of games of pool with the guys. Last night was quite fun as well, we managed to see Louis and Gareth again, and they sai they might extend their stay a little bit again. Later we went for embryos however for the first time, I had a very well developed baby duck in my egg...it really put me off. Its head came off on my spoon and when I inspected it closely, I could even see its beady eyes staring up at me. I freaked and sent it sailing through the air right past Bi's face...ugh!!! so gross!!!! Better luck next time though hmm :)

Today I've just been doing some odd jobs including my blog of course, and maybe after I will go sleep on the beach again :p

Anyway, thats all for now....Hopefully my next blog will be even more interesting as my parents will be arriving in Nha Trang in about 2 weeks for some family shenangians :)

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Once Upon a Time in Nha Trang

Impromtu Sleepovers, Meeting Manxies, and Defining Bollocks

So our good friend Tippy from the USA was having a beach party at our favourite, Bai Dai beach, today. Tippy has a small business in Nha Trang selling street side snacks and drinks, and a bar called ‘The Shack’ on Bai Dai beach. He is the only foreigner with a bar on Bai Dai, but despite this, the beach is still really chilled out and quiet with not many tourists visiting and mostly attracting locals.
The ‘beach party’ was unfortunately no different from a normal day at the beach, which is not to say it wasn’t good…we love Bai Dai! And we had a great time. I picked up Thanh on my bike and The got Tri and we drove the 30 mins from Nha Trang to get there. Once there, I got my deck of cards out and was surprised to learn that all of them knew how to play 13. Not only did they know how to play it, they were bloody good at it and wiped the floor with my pretty much every time!! We ordered some good food, listened to good music, drank beers and swam in the sea. All round it was another great day with my Vietnamese besties 
At work later, we had a fun night (and of course embryos) and decided we would go to Sailing Club after work because it was a full moon party and they had a band playing down on the beach etc. We headed over there and myself, Thanh, and Bi threw ome crazy shapes on the floor before deciding we would leave soon. Unfortunately the night ended in disaster when Bi had a fight with his friend. He was a bit drunk so I told him to stay in my hotel room…Thanh had previously asked if she could also stay the night because her friend had left town and locked her out of her house so the 3 of us had a nice little sleepover!!
Next morning, I took Thanh home and went for some iced teas wth Bi before taking him home too. On the way back, I stopped in Nha Trang Centre for a bit of shopping (just neccessities!) then chilled out in my hotel room before heading to work later. I was bloody knackered from the previous night as didn’t get in until 3:30am then had to share a bed with 2 other people! Later I met up with Ian, Kelly and Danny from the Isle of Man…I used to work with Ian and knew Danny from school so it was good to see familiar faces. I met them in Why Not Bar after work but they were all completely hammered and had to leave…I watched as the motorbike men circled them like vultures, and hoped that they would be okay!
The next day was another uneventful day searching for a new hotel for me with Tri, as Mr Tung said $8 at Blue Sky was too much….But it was a good fun night in work, and later, me Tri and The went to our usual spot for embryos. We normally stop for these while doing our rounds however it was a busy night so we waited until 1am when The and I had finished work. I’d had a few beers and was feeling a bit silly so when Tri went off to buy some beers and retuned with a shopping bag filled with fresh beer, I thought it was the funniest thing ever. I mean, there must have been about 4 pints, just sloshing around in this bag, which cost 20,000vd (75p to you and me). While we were sat there, Tri and The began discussing ‘bollocks’ which they had obviously been taught that night but had no idea what it meant. I tried to explain that it meant a man’s testicles, however having recently learned the words ‘tickle’ and ‘ticklish’, they thought I was talking about a ticklish man hahahahaha!
Next morning I was up and checking out of Blue Sky at midday and headed down to the beach with my book for a relaxing day. I’d messaged The telling him where I was but I fell asleep in the sand and nearly had a heart attack when he woke me up by scaring the shit out of me! When I finally woke up properly I looked around and noticed Ian, Danny and Kelly a little futher down the beach. I had a night off scheduled and we arranged to meet later. The and I discussed various things in Vietnamese and English then wandered down by the shore, naming in both languages, the shit that had been washed up on the beach. This included lemons, dead rats, sticks, spoons, grapefruits and medicine.
We walked back over to Oasis Bar and Tri took me to my new hotel which is in a good area and run by a nice woman and her daughter. Once moved in, I headed out for some Italian food then met Ian, Kelly and Danny for a beer in a bar. I told them I had to go meet another friend but would see them in Red Apple later. I went to Wave bar and met Chloe and Vi before moving back to Red Apple for some buckets. Well it was a really fun night and I guess I needed a night off but by the time I got to Oasis around half 1am, I was suitably smashed and was taken home by The on his bike – not that I remember at all!
Next day, I dragged my banging hangover out of the hotel room at 2pm for some hangover bastad food, which involved a steak sandwich and chips and 2 cans of coke. I couldn’t remember much from Oasis but Tri said I was well behaved and apparently ‘graceful’ which I find hard to imagine! I decided to have a productive day and called Trailfinders to change my flights to Australia…cost me 150 quid but I can relax now! I had a nap in my room after then headed to work for a crappy night trying to nurse my hangover. The highlight of the night was a stupid drunk Swedish guy who was so proud of being from Sweden that all other countries in Europe were completely inferior. Anyway, I stole his shoes and he somehow didn’t notice and walked off to a different bar. He came back an hour later and still didn’t notice…stupid man! I also got my first tip tonight from some Norway man but I felt bad as I don’t even wait tables, I just stand outide, so gave my tip to The. So me and Thanh finished and decided to go for embryos. I cycled and gave her a backie again  fun fun fun!
I was supposed to meet my friend Thao who works in a restaurant, this morning but I slept in and missed her. She promised to kill me later. I watched Bruce Almighty in my room, had some lunch, and went birthday girl shopping for Thanh. Thanh’s nickname is ‘Baby Duck’, I don’t know why but I just thought she looked like a baby duck. So that’s her name now. As such, I bought her a big cuddly baby duck for a present. Hope she likes it :P Later had a nap and woke to torrential rain and flooding in Nha Trang. It was a quiet night to begin with but rathe fun later…There’s this little gay Vietnamese guy called An who hangs out in a bar down the road, and I’ve no idea why, but he always comes over to me and stands there talking about how many boyfriends he has, an pointing out ‘cute guys’ to me. He doesn’t really bother me, but he’s one of those people you only wanna be around for about 5mins, and after 15mins of him last night, I had to hit the beer again. It made him seem a lot funnier, and I was even less annoyed by the big bit of dirt in the corner of his eye that always seems to be there.
Unfortunately last night ended in drama aswell when one of the girls accused on of the guys of hitting her….this happens a lot in Vietnam if a girl is direspectful so I tried to keep out of it and ate some embryos instead  EMBRYOS!!!

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