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Embryo Eating,Teaching English(swearwords)& Fake Engagements

Nha Trang Shenanigans!

rain 28 °C

Enjoying Nha Trang so much at the minute, especially working here, it's tiring but so much fun and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else...

So where did I leave off? Think I'd just got to Nha Trang...okay so I was planning to go ou after work tonight so a nice relaxing day was in order. I had breakfast with Tri then went to post office to check how much it would be to send shit home. Very expensive apparently. After that I hit the beach for some chill out time then later went to work. I made use of the free beer thing and chugged a few with the punters before being invited to go to the Sailing Club with my friend Chloe who lives here, and some Vietnamese girls from Wave Bar. Tri also finished early and we all went to the Sailing Club. It was so much fun but so expensive! about one pound fifty for a beer!!! Later, we headed over to Why Not Bar but we encountered trouble with some silly bitch who wouldnt let Tri inside because she thought he wanted to steal customers. She started screaming and ranting slur about his mother so we left...I was so mad! First bad experience here...

Anyway next day I didn't get up until lunch time but arranged to leave the hotel and go to Oasis Bar with my bags to move into their accommodation. I hung out there for a while playing pool and talking to the day staff then eventually was taken to my new digs which was like an apartment hotel. Chilled out there a while then headed off to work for a less hectic night.
At work, I stand outside the bar and ask people inside, chat to other foreigners, and about 4 or 5 times during the evening, I will take a walk around town with one of the other guys... hand out flyers, talk to people, slack off a bit etc. Mostly I am outside with Bi who's English is pretty good so I started teaching him swearwords, and in return he teaches me Vietnamese ones! We also go to a street stall every night that sells duck egg embryos which are basically fertilised duck eggs with a baby duck inside, steamed over a few hours and made into a tasty snack! You take the top off the egg, drink the juice, and use a spoon to scoop out egg and baby duck...yummy!!

Next morning I met Thanh and The (who both work in Oasis Bar) for some iced tea and an English lesson. It was really good fun and I managed to improve my Vietnamese also. Thanh is 23 and has a good grasp of English and a cracking sense of humour and some of the shit she comes out with is hysterical! For example she was admiring my smooth legs and told me she was saving to have permenant hair removal...she then proceeded to show me her legs which seriously looked like man-legs all hairy and straggly! Another time we were eating embryos and she told everyone she couldnt eat too much as they give her diarrhea. The is not so good at English but is a really sweet guy with the cheekiest smile EVER :). After our lesson I had some lunch then had a nap in my room. Later I went to work and as I turned into the entrance, a voice from across the street shouts ''SHITSTABBER!!!" Oh crap. Maybe it wasnt such a good idea teaching Bi English swears! :P

I woke up feeling a bit ill and stayed i bed until lunch time before grabbing some pho and heading to the market for a mosey. On the way back I went for a walk along the beach then another nap in the room before work. Work was really good and I managed a few drinks before finishing at 2am and heading home. I had to be up in the morning to meet Thanh so it wasnt a heavy one, though pretty tiring!
So we met at 10am and had some com binh dan for breakfast then headed to Salut for tea and coffee and a spot of letter writing. Thanh needed me to help translate a letter for her that she wanted to send to her boyfriend in France. It was very sweet but it took a while translating and I was finding it so hard to concentrate because I was so tired!So we decided to go for a cycle ride...I havent done this in years, in fact I may never have done this....I gave her a backie! I cycled and she sat on the grill on the back. Many an old Vietnamese man laughed at us! We sat on the beach talking in English and The joined us later on. Unfortunately our time was cut short due to the rain coming so we all ran back to Oasis and chilled there before starting work. It was another good night in work but upon arriving back at my hotel, things turned a little sour when the night guard followed me into my room and tried it on with me. Managed to get rid of him but needless to say I had a shit nights sleep and decided to move the next day. I would talk to my boss, Mr Tung later.
I stayed in my room until 2pm then had masala chi in Omars and some nice before meeting up with Chris from Australia who I met the night before. We chilled out on his balcony chatting shit for a while, then I decided to go to Oasis to see Tri and see if I could speak to Mr Tung. He wasnt there but I decided to start work early and finish early later as we were hosting a birthday party. I knew I would have to stay in the creepy hotel one more night, and was pretty scared. By 11:30 the birthday boy hadnt shown. Everyone was annoyed because a cake was ordered, and a watermelon carved completely complimentary by Oasis. After a walk around, and some embryos, we decided they werent going to show and all the staff gathered around a table and we shared out the cake and watermelon. It was a great night but it was nowhere near over! We were all drinking so after we finished the food, Tri got down on one knee in front of me with everyone looking and asked me to marry him and gave me a makeshift paper ring...the looks on everyone's faces was priceless and we were all in hysterics :) Many a crazy photo was taken, and as most of you will know, I decided to confuse everyone on facebook with my fake engagement!
The party was still going at 4am when some of the staff went out a nd bought a crate of beer along with some fresh, absolutely massive crabs which they cooked and we all ate...Eventually at 6am, when people started arriving for breakfast, we went home. I got to my hotel but that prick was standing outside and sying the hotel was locked and I couldnt go in. Bullshit. I walked back to the lovely Blue Sky hotel where I originally stayed and got a room there again and slept most of the next day!
I got up at 3 and bumped into a couple of chaps I'd met the night before...well actually they were also in Oasis until 6am and hadnt even been to bed...it was 3pm! good going! One was Swedish and one was a Manc. I left them and moved the rest of my crap into Blue Sky, chilled out, then had dinner with the staff in Oasis. Oh and learned more swear words from Bi later on. Me and Tri went to get embryos again around midnight and were sat there alone when the woman operating the stall fell off her chair and started having a seizure! Neither of us knew what to do and nobody was around. We thought she was dead at one point and checked her pulse before raising the alarm. Eventually her family showed and took her to hospital....what a night! I was a bit shaken and finished work early and went to bed.

I managed to sleep a good few hours and got woken up by Thanh at 9am in preparation for our trip to Doc Let beach! It took a rather severe amount of fannying around as I had to pick her up from her home which I had no idea where it was, then we had to find The and Tri who werent answering their phones. Eventually we got away and drove an hour to Doc Let beach. Thanh was asleep while I was riding - the second time this has happened! so sweet :) When we got there, the place was a bit of a dump and we were all disappointed , however to make the best of a bad situation we got some fantastic seafood, had some funny conversation (thanks to cheeky The!) and Tri and I had a swim in the sea while The took about 200 pictures of the beautiful Miss Thanh - she is beautiful :) The day was great and we were all an hour and a half late for work!!!
As it was raining that night, it was very quiet so we all went for embryos and chilled out with beers in the bar until people showed up. I was happy to get to bed at 2am though and slept until 2pm today. I really did need it though. Today Nha Trag flooded quite badly (pics on fb) so I had nothing to do....got some pho....got a manicure...skyped mamma...and messed around on the internet/. Its now almost time for work and since we have all recovred from our tiredness, I might go out with the staff afterwards tonight...who knows!
Every day is a surprise here :)

Thats all for now :)

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Webbed Feet, House Parties, & Biking with the Unconscious

Vietnam at its best!

sunny 35 °C

So after checking out of my hostel in Hanoi, I made for Hoan Kiem lake where I hoped a naked man would NOT shit on a tree in front of me. Unfortunately for me, it happened again....not really. i plonked down with my book and half an hour later was joined by a young chap called Lu who was looking for an English teacher (moi!) to help him as he was hoping to work in the restaurant business and wanted to improve. Nice bloke, we chatted for at most about 2 hours before I had to go get ready for my bus to Hue.
The bus itself was not too bad, however I ended up on a top bunk next to the worlds biggest asshole. This guy was up and down all through the night doing god knows what but waking me up every damn time. Just when I thought he couldn't be more of an asshole, at 4am he felt it necessary to play very loud Vietnamese music on his phone. Whether this was supposed to sooth people I dont know, but what I did know was that if he didnt stop imminently, my fist would soon meet with his face. Thankfully after about 20 mins and many an evil glare from my direction he got the hint. But he wasnt through with being an asshole....no...he decided to have a cigarette. Couldnt possibly wait for the bus to stop. Sat there all fat and hairy, blowing smoke round the bus. Asshole. By this time it was 5am, 1 hour before the bus driver started honking on his horn when passing any of the following: cars, motorbikes, bicycles, people, animals, trees, blades of grass... Jesus I was so happy to arrive in Hue.
So I checked back into the same hotel as last time (for $5 a night why wouldnt I!?) much to the surprise of the staff....I think the man wass pissed off to begin with as I pretty much rolled in at 3am every night last time! Anyway, I'd developed some kind of illness on the bus which was probably due to the aircon but actually I am blaming it on the stupid asshole. So tried to get some kip but it werent happening. I went out and fed myself then headed to the beach where I thought it would be nice and hot and stop me sniffling and shivering but that didnt work so went back to my room to sleep. At 4pm I got up and went to see my friend Thinh from DMZ Bar, had a drink with him then met up with Johnny and Joe (who I met in Nha Trang originally) for a catch up and later, for some dinner. We stayed out a little longer but I ended up having a relatively early night due to feeling like a sack of crap.
Next morning I went to chemist and got some antibiotics and some cold & flu capsules which I later learned contained speed in them (no wonder I felt buzzing after 10mins!) had some lunch, and went to the market with Johnny & Joe. Still felt like ass though so ended up back in my room, sleeping some more, but we all met up again later for dinner and watched some games of pool in DMZ Bar. I actually managed to drag myself to Brown Eyes later only to have an elbow hit my face and make my nose bleed. It was excellent in there as always but time for me to go home....Left Johnny and Joe on the dancefloor surrounded by a distinctly Vietnamese audience!
I must have slept till about 1pm but I felt great (probably all the speed) so I went and met Thinh for some Vietnamese tea at 2pm but as more and more of his friends turned up, I felt more and more like a spare fart...my Vietnamese sucks and they didnt speak English. Fortunately Johnny & Joe rescued me by inviting me to Cafe on Thu Wheels. In there, I also met a bunch of mostly English lads, and a token Irish, who I couldnt decide were complete dicks, or actually a good laugh. Really, I think they were both. They were Ok though. So around 5pm I get a message from Thinh asking to join him and his mates for dinner. Why the hell not...so went by taxi to the address and it was basically a food lovers street in a completely local area. When I got there, they had ordered crabs which you had to eat whole, shell still in tact n everything! I was scared but they were actually really nice. So had some beers too but really wanted to meet back up with Johnny and Joe...so met them in Octopussy for a few beers, and a good rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, after which I was scooped up by Thinh and taken to some Italian guy's house party. Well, it wasn't really a party...there were only 5 of us but there were many beers and silly conversation and it was a great night. They made me try some horrible pork dish which I later learned was a pigs lung. GROSSSSS!!! I ended up sleeping on the floor last night as everyone was too pissed to drive back to the city, and didnt get up until 9am. I was dropped off at my hotel and after realising I had only slept about 3 hours, tried to go to sleep. I was mean't to meet a lad called Anh for English lesson at 10am and slept through my alarm. Thankfully he met me later around 12 for some lunch then took me to his house in the countryside to show me his stamp collection and sit down for a proper English lesson. Obviously I was feeling haggard though so I was happy to get back into Hue where I had another little sleep.. After a while I got up for a walk around and was roped into the backpacker cafe by a bunch of English/Irish/Aussie guys who were waiting for their bus and getting suitably hammered. One of them had webbed feet - I mean, seriously stuck together toes...naturally I took a picture. And another guy got his leg very badly humped by a very energetic dog...again pictures on fb! :P
I had to say goodbye to Jonny & Joe today which was kinda sad as we'd hung out quite a lot in Vietnam and shared many a joke about English / American accents :)
At 7pm, I met a Vietnamese girl called Trang (who I'd found on Couchsurfing website) and we went for a meal together helping eachothers Vietnamese/English. After that we walked around a nightmarket and had some tea & coffee before parting ways. At 9pm I met my stupid stalker to give him a face to face warning about leaving me alone. Stupid bugger went all suicidal on my ass and threatened to jump off the bridge because I didn't love him and he wanted to die....Jeeez whats with the guy! Anyway, thankfully he didnt abduct me and brutally murder me and I made it back to my hotel for the best nights sleep I've had in ages! ****Also little piece of random information, I learned that his name in English, translates to 'penis'!!!! hahahahahah
Next morning I was up at 8:30am for my bus to Hoi An and a few hours later I was checking into that dump Greenfields again. I did a few jobs, laundry and what not then later went searching for Cheeky Monkey, the Vietnamese bracelet girl I met last time but no sign. Instead however,m I met Brenden, the American guy I went to the beach with last time. Turned out, he'd struck gold and got an amazing job in Hoi An paying $1500 per month....grrrr!
After showering and changing, I met up with a couple of lads I met last time in Hoi An; Coung and Ba...we all went down to the beach, had a night time picnic and a few beers, then headed to Why Not Bar for a couple of games of pool (which somehow I rocked at!) and then back home to bed! Up at 11am next day I hit the beach with a beer and a book and chilled out there for the afternoon. My bus to Nha Trang was 5pm and I was anxious to get it on time so I had some food then headed over there early. This journey wasnt so bad, and when we arrived at 5am I text Tri to see when he wanted to meet. He was at my door at 7am and after catching up we went to meet his friends to go to Bai Dai beach for a birthday party. The birthday girl was Tao, and she was turning 23. We met at a gas station and drove the 30min drive and were on the beach by 10am. First of all we had a swimming race from the beach to a bouy out in the bay. I kicked all but one ass and when we got back, it was time for seafood hotpot and jack daniels! The measures that the boys were pouring were pretty big but i think we only had 4 glasses each when the Birthday girl started 'seeing double'....I thought now was a good time to produce my bottle of snake wine, thinking everyone could catch up with her. But no, the damn girl picked the whole thing up and chugged the lot in one! And this is a girl who normally doesnt drink. Well needless to say, she was steaming and puking everywhere so we had to get her home. She was a complete dead weight, fully unconscious and we had to get her on a bike in between 2 people (to keep her upright) but they managed it. Anyway, I was wondering where Tri was as we shared a bike....turned around and there he is, completely asleep or unconsious!!! Wake him up, 'Oh I'm kinda drunk'....no worries, I'll drive....5mins into said drive, he pretty much loses consciousness...I'm trying to keep him from falling off and he wakes up and says he's sick. Crap. Pull over and he's chucking his guts up for ten mins. Manage to get him on again but he's asleep again. Well you can imagine the looks I was getting...!!! Pulled up outside my hotel and the woman comes out and sees him asleep on the back of the bike and starts wetting herself!! I get him to wake up and make him go to sleep in my room for a few hours while I watch some movies.
Cannot believe this is how the day ended! I was still up for going out but later we just went for some food and called it a night!!!
This morning we met for brekkie again and agreed that I would come to Oasis tonight to meet with the boss and discuss everything like living arrangements etc. Afterwards I went to Nha Trang beach with my book then met Mr Wade for a skype sesh and a chat with Mr Woodbridge who between the 2 of them are trying to persuade me to meet them in Thailand again for a bit. It's doable. So I'm thinking about it :)

More developments soon :)

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Spartans, babysitting, jellyfish salad & defecating on trees

(B)Romance, Horror & Tragedy

sunny 35 °C

So this was it...centurian day!. I prepared for the centurian by doing absolutely nothing all day...By around 5pm I realised I hadnt eaten yet and stupidly made the mistake of having a lamb biriyani and some masala chi...this would reflect poorly on me by 10pm. So at precisely 9pm I hit Oasis with Louis Alex and Conor... the 3 delightful, very tall uni freshers. If anyone could take on such a challenge, surely it would be them! After getting hold of some empty shot glasses, the challenge began. The shot glasses were 35ml so bigger than back at home, and we were using bottled Saigon Beer. It worked out around 10 shots per bottle. You should have seen the look on the staffs faces when the 4 of us ordered 8 beers straight up :-)
I'll admit, I was feeling pretty bad after about 20 shots, mostly because of the frequency at which we were drinking, and also the beer got warm very quickly. Couple that with the Indian food rolling around in my stomach, yes, i was feeling ill. I thought of my brother, who managed at one time in his life to take on around 247 shots of beer (aiming for a Spartan...300) and thoughts of manning up came into my head. It's only a little centurian. Anyway, first one out was Alex. 'I'm off to the toilet'' ....sure you are Alex. We'll keep tabs on how many shots you owe when you come back. What was it...15 by the time you returned?? Anyway me and Louis were next to go, around 45 shots in, but I felt so much better after I dispensed of not just the beer, but the Indian food too. The other advantage to puking my guts up would be that I wasnt getting too pissed. So on we continued. Conor definitely did the best, in fact I cant even remember if he did throw up but after we completed it, Louis and Conor had to take Alex home (ha-ha) so I waited for their imminent return. Whilst I waited, a 'beer challenge' began outside the bar in which participants were invited to shove a funnel in their mouths and have someone pour a beer down for them to chug as soon as possible. Well clearly I wasnt going to get involved...was I? Well only 1 girl had been up and it took her around 15 secs, then faces turned in my direction. I needed to kick some ass and I was bored of waiting for the 3 musketeers. Off I went, did it in 6 secs and won myself a free shirt..I mean yeah, its not the same as winning diving but I beat quite a few guys and that was enough for me :-) Good old manx!
Afterwarsds, I got chatting to a nice young chappie called Johnny from the USA, who was an ex-army dude. We decided to hit one more bar down at the beach but by the time we got there, the drinking had taken its toll on me and I couldnt face it. I met Tri down there so we went and had some pho and chatted until I felt pretty much sober again. We agreed to go out again the next morning at 11 so I headed back to my hotel.
Tri picked me up that morning and we went over to the Nha Trang university complex to a cool little cafe there, then went to check out Cham Towers, Long Son Pagoda where I rubbed Buddha's elbow for good luck, and then to a marine centre where they had the biggest sea turtles I've ever seen. I have no idea why but even typing 'sea turtles', I can't help saying it with a pirate voice in my head...SEA TURTLES! Anyway that was all pretty good but we finished earlier than planned, around 4pm so we went to my hotel and watched Spiderman 3. Later, we went out for dinner and had yet again, another legendary seafood hotpot. Mmmm! :) After a couple of games of pool, it was getting late but neither of us were in the mood for drinking so we went down to the beach for a wander and watched loads of Vietnamese families and friends celebrating 2nd September (Their Independence Day).
Next morning I didnt getup until around 3pm which shows how much catching up I needed! I spent the day doing odd jobs, buying toiletries, new shoes as mine broke, skyping the fam etc. Around 6pm I met Johnny and his friend Joe for drinks. It was a really good night, full of good conversation etc but when we got to Why Not Bar, we stumbled upon none other than Louis, Alex and Conor who between them were drinking from a bucket the size of a bathtub...It contained 1 bottle of vodka, 2 bottles of rum, and 1 bottle of gin. Needless to say, the rest of my evening was spent looking after them! First one out was Conor who was puking everywhere and practically unconscious. Louis, Alex and I scooped him up and brought him home, but as we were going up the stairs I started noticing how bad Alex was. At one point, he was on his hands and knees trying to climb the stairs. But he wouldnt be put off, he was coming back out. So back at the bar and 5 mins later, Alex was out cold. Managed to find a guy to help bring him home too and when I returned, Louis was falling off his chair trying to eat pizza....thankfully he managed to get himself home but all this action was pretty sobering so I went home myself shortly after...
I was rudely awoken at around 9am with a knock at the door and a voice shouting about room service...I almost shouted to go away but it was just Tri, he wanted to go out for lunch later so I met up with him again around 1ish and we went to some nice restaurant where he forced me to eat jellyfish salad. The salad itself was good, but I beg you, dont ever EVER try jellyfish. It truly was disgusting! It felt like biting down on a breast implant...or as I would imagine that to feel??? :-S

After, I was in the internet cafe, probably writing my last blog, when my Dad called me with some bad news...our beloved little baby girl dog, Jet, was going to be put down. She was very old, we had her 17 years so obviously that was vry upsetting for me and my family. I went straight to the bar and had a couple of Jack Daniels' but had to then make my way to the bus heading for Saigon. It was a horrible overnight journey and when I arrived in Saigon, I looked for the nearesxt hotel and actually found a homestay place down a narrow lane. I booked in there for 2 nights and went to bed for a few hours. I didnt get up til after 1 and didnt really fancy doing anything, so hit a few beer places. A bit later, I met a girl called Michelle from Scotland (who had an Isle of Man friend, who is actually someone I know!) and 2 guys; Mike (Scotland) and Adrian (Aussie) so hung out with them for a bit. We were just sat having a beer and who do I see walking down the street....its none other than the 3 stooges, Louis Alex and Conor! what a small world :)

The next day, I was still feeling pretty crappy about everything and didnt leave my hotel until after 1pm again. I had some lunch then wandered over to Benh Tan market for a mooch. Afterwards I thought I'd go sit and chill in the park with my book. I'd only been sat down for 2 mins when 2 young Vietnamese guys approached me and asked if they could practice their English with me. Sure! About 2 hours later, and an extra 8 people, I finally broke away. It was practically an English class but they also helped me with my Vietnamese which I am desperately trying to master. Later on, I headed over to Allez Boo where I met Michelle Mike and Adrian for a couple of ales. We ended up bumping into Louis Alex and Conor again later and playing a few rounds of pool with them. All in all, a good night, but this was my official goodbye to the boys as they were going home after Saigon...I was actually kinda sad, we made a good team and I'll miss them! sniff!

Next morning I checked out but found my flight was delayed by 5 hours so did a 2k walk around the city then went to Bobby Brewers for a smoothie and a free showing of Indiana Jones in their little movie theatre. More walking and reading, then finally got to the airport and was on my way to Hanoi for round 2! I didnt get in until 10pm so had some street pho then went to bed. The price of the hostel had gone up considerably from when I was last here so next morning I moved to a different one, in a different area, and for just $5 per night with free beer between 7-8pm. I'd hardly slept the night before so I had a pretty long nap for most of the day then a little walk around the city after. Later I went down to the free beer hour thinking it would be a good way to make some new buddies. I was right and met a few people there, sorry cant remember the names as it was only 1 night, but they were all newcomers to Hanoi so I led them over to Bia Hoi stations and it went form there...Next day I went on a 4k walk around the city and stopped for some ice tea at Hoan Kiem lake and a read of my book. I ended up giving another English lesson there! Later on, I bummed about on the net, adding some photos, and catching up with my dearly beloved Jew (Jenny Elliott woooo! Thats you Jenny, you're famous...you're in my blog!). I had one beer with Casey (USA) and Lukasz (Poland) and had an early night.
Didnt get up until lunch time and decided to do somethign productive with my day...I had some street pho, then took a motorbike to the Temple of Literature (won't bore you with the history of it!) then had a smoothie in KOTO, which is a cafe that was set up by a guy who wanted to help street kids get employed and skilled in the catering business. Its now booming and they are currently in the process of building another one in Saigon. V interesting anyway! Afterwards I went to the army museum and then a walk around the old citadel where I was almost shot by a military guard because I got too close....Later I went up the City View restaurant which as you can guess from the name has the best view of Hanoi EVER. Later I met Lukasz again, and a French man, cant remember his name, and had a few beers with them. My tummy was playing up but although I wasnt drinking much, I accompanied them to a couple of bars and had some excellent dancing in Flow Bar with some very very camp, vry very flexible Vietnamese guys who stole the show on the dancefloor :)

Next morning I was feeling a bit better, went out for street pho again and as I was sat there, was approached by a really old Vietnamese man who was drinking a full glass of hard whiskey! There I am having breakfast, and there he ís getting steaming! Anyway, afterwards I'm checking my emails and who do I sêe?! Matias, the guy from Chile that I shared a rôom with in Nha Trang!! Crazy stuff! So later I went for a walk to Lenin Park which was teaming with school kids that had bên brought thể for gym class. Strangely thểre werent many other tourists there so all of them saw me and started shouting and waving and all that carry on...so funny.
So ás I was walking down a path, I was confronted by a shirtless Vietnamese man who looked á though he was about to pull down his pants!! I diverted âway from him and turned around just in time to see him take off his pants completely so he was fully naked, and squat by a tree, and start shitting onto it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just couldnt understand it, but needless to say, it was so funny, I had to text my mother straight away :)
This was yesterday....so anyway I later on met Lukasz and Jean (France) and Kirsten (Norway) for free beer at 7. It turned kinda crazy in the bar, hardly any people but everyone was in really good spirits, dancing and the likes. I was presented with a free shot of snake wine by the bảr staff which òf course made my dancing a lot better :-P And it was then that I noticed a woman frying a fish, in the middle of the bar, just on a bảr stool! Thought I'd lóst it! Strange sight. So that was lást night anyway and today I am leaving for Hue. It's time to say goodbye to Hanoi for at least another year :( :( :( depressing thought!

Be blogging again in another week or two :)


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Skinny Dipping, Jellyfish Stings, Drunken Biking & Guyliner!

The latest shenanigans....

storm 30 °C

Well how wrong I was about my last day in Hoi An...''oh just a quiet one''....YEH RIGHT! Like that EVER happens! So on my last night, I went for an evening walk and decided around 9pm just to go for 1 drink in the Why Not Bar which is a chain of bars through Vietnam and well known on the traveller scene. So I turn up and who do I find inside but some of my buddies from 2 nights previous. I forgot to mention that Why Not bar dishes out free whiskey and coke for 4 hours every night so needless to say.... we ended up taking motorbike taxis down to the beach. It was kinda fun being squashed onto a motorbike with 2 other people. Anyway when we got there, some Vietnamese guy brought us beers and we all sat around drinking, including our taxi drivers :) I got itchy feet and asked if anyone fancied a swim but nobody was having it apart from the Viets so we went down to the shore and were greeted by a naked couple getting their freak on in the sea. Well I'd had a few beers and found this hysterical and the Viets clearly thought the same. We sat laughing quietly at them for a while until they noticed us then the guy just walked out of the sea completely naked looking kinda like bigfoot and we made ourselves scarce. Back with the group I checked my phone and realised it was 4:30 am and I had to get my bus at 6am, so my taxi guy took me home. I was woken up by a shrieking Vietnamese woman at my bedside trying to rouse me telling me my bus was outside and waiting for me! Ooops! Once on I had a bit of a nap and later decided to check my appearance in my mirror. Well I must have been sleeping on my hand which had the words 'WOLF PACK' written on it in blue marker pen, as this was now all over my face. And nobody had told me!! Stupid....
So 6 hours later I arrived in Quy Nhon, the only foreigner there so I caused quite a stampede of taxis and motorbike taxis at the bus station, all fighting to overcharge me naturally. I checked into a backpackers hostel and I was the only guest...boring! So Quy Nhon wasnt that exciting...I went for a walk around and about 3km from my hotel it started to shit down and I got completely drenched. I went back to the hostel to change and get dinner.....and that is when the French arrived. It was in the form of an old man but I knew what it really was. Within 30 seconds he was already pissing me off so I headed to bed for an early night, what with having 1 hour sleep the night before n everything.
Next morning I got up and chilled out on the beach for a bit before heading back to the hostel where I entertained the owners kids for a while. I was then greeted by a terrible sight....the French was back...and worse, he was on my bus. And WORSE! He was sitting next to me. God he was annoying, I could hardly understand him his accent was so strong and every time I asked him to repeat himself he just looked at me all bewildered. There were a bunch of nice Vietnamese chaps to help me out as they were all English teachers and were very interested in my being from 'England' so I just talked to them instead. We had a break on the way for some Bun Ca, fish noodle soup, which the nice men paid for :)
On arrival in Nha Trang, I gratefully said good riddance to the Old French and prompty got a motorbike taxi to the nearest backpackers hostel. This happened to be the infamous 'Red Apple' which is pretty much where all the backpackers stay, and all the cheap drink is drank etc etc. I checked in and got a quite nice dorm room actually then headed down to the bar where I bumped into some of the chaps from Hoi An - Hayden and Tim. I also befriended one of the local bar staff, Huy, who told me he was 21 (but I think he lies!). Well it ended up being an insane night out, crawling all over town with the guys and a few more stragglers who latched on with us. I even tried to leave Why Not Bar and go home at one point, only to be hassled into another bar where I met a cool American couple and ended up staying out with them. By the time I went back to the hostel it was 3am. To get into my dorm room, I had to pass through another and when I walked in, there were 2 separate couples having very noisy, very obvious sex....and they didnt stop or conceal anything for my benefit. So I scurried over to my door as quick as I could but it was locked and I couldnt get in. In my panic to get away from the horribleness of the situation, I ran back down the stairs and curled up ion the floor next to the security guard, who def wasnt guarding anything unless it was in his sleep! At 5:30am I was woken up by the guard who was clearly a bit miffed by my appearance, and he helped me back into my room. I slept until 10pm as I was supposed to be getting up to meet Huy for breakfast, I felt ruined! So I met Huy and went to breakfast some nice street food, then he returned me in time for meeting up with Tim and Hayden to go to the beach. I sat with them at breakfast and we waited for some girls to join us then went to the beach and played on some funny inflatable fairground thing. Afterwards, I went for a walk around the city, had some food, bummed around really. I also booked a booze cruise trip with Tim and Hayden and a bunch of other randomers from the hostel, then spoke to Mum on the phone for a bit. Later, I had a few drinks with my room-mate, a really goodlooking guy from Chile and his friend and also a guy from London who was basically a cross between Jack Sparrow, and a non-twat version of Russell Brand, but I headed back to the room around 11 due to a banging headache from the previous night, and also cos of the booze cruise next day.
The next morning we got up and were picked up to the boat cruise around 9am. The day was pretty eventful, involving lots of drinking (obviously) a floating bar and trips to some islands etc. Unfortunately a lot of the people on board were complete dicks and so rude to the staff on board that it was embarrassing to be associated with English people. On the whole though, the trip was a success aside from one girl who got stung by a jellyfish and had to have 3 people pee on her to make the pain subside (and a few swigs of straight vodka...yak!)
The trip ended on a bum note when someone wouldnt own up to their drinks bill, so I left them all to it and went for a wander down the beach. After that I went to see Huy at work and he asked if I wanted to go for food with him at 11pm so I agreed and whilst I was there had a couple of beers with some people I knew. After there I was walking around and was beckoned over to a street pavement 'bar' by some locals. I knew better to accept the invitation as I've had some great experiences befriending locals so I sat with them for a couple of hours, after which time they refused to accept any money for the beer and food I'd shared with them - crazy people! I begrudgingly left them to go and meet Huy for dinner. He took me again to a cool little street cafe and after we chatted for a while he asked if I fancied going to a Vietnamese bar on his night off. Obviously I said yes, but it wouldnt be for a few days. He dropped me back at Red Apple and from there I ended up befriending two German guys and went with them to Oasis bar. After a couple of drinks there, I met a guy working there called Tri who asked if I wanted a job. I said I'd think about it and let them know. It would mean free food, drink, accom for the nights work so it sounded a sweet deal!
The next morning I got up, had breakfast and rented a motorbike from my hotel for $3. I decided to go to Bai Dai beach, which was brought to my attention by someone I met a few nights earlier. It wasnt in Lonely Planet, and there werent any maps so the hotel gave me brief directions and off I went. I had to stop a couple of times to ask where the hell I was and after a frustrating hour, decided to give up and head back. After about half an hour of riding, I saw it! Discreetly hidden away, there was a sandy path, I'd overshot the mark so far!! I drove down right onto the beach and found a load of beach hut bars, pretty much only occupied by Vietnamese people. I chose one at the end, sat in a deck chair and had a read of my book. After about an hour, I was summoned over to a group of about 8 Vietnamese men who were celebrating something and were all teachers. They wanted to know all about me, where I'm from, my age, where I've been etc the usual crap and they were continually topping up my glass with beer. After a couple of hours, and I dont know how much beer, we went for a swim then resumed a few more drinks before I decided I really should go before dark, and before drunk. Well it was an interesting ride home. It was dark, and I was definitely feeling the effects of the alcohol. I have no idea how I got back in the dark, pissed and with no map, but I did it! I lost a shoe on the way though. So after a shower at the hotel, I went over to Oasis bar and accepted the job. I would go to the beach the next day at 2 and hand out flyers, then start work at 6pm later. Ace! I went over to tell Huy that I would be working at Oasis and he was very upset with me! lol ''Why you no work at Red Apple?''....because Red Apple is shit. It's a good place to meet people but you just wanna get the hell away from there. I spotted some people I knew while I was there and had a few beers with them before heading to Oasis for a couple with the Germans and Russell Brand again. We had a really good night, mostly just awesome conversation, and not so much drinking, but still awesome. The next morning, I was up and about buying some necessities, and having breakfast etc then headed over to Red Apple for my 'shift' at 2pm. There were 4 German girls who would be accompanying me to the beach with the flyers. All in all, it was a big failure with most people declining to take the flyers, and others simply being assholes (Russians). There are lots of Russians here, and none of them speak any other language so if you try and speak to them, they just shout 'RUSSIA!' at you, or 'Niete!'....bumholes.
So after that, I went for a shake and a read of my book, then chilled out in my room until 6pm.. At 6, I went over to Oasis and sat with Tri for a bit before ordering my free meal :) I had a couple of beers with the German girls then at 8 headed out with the flyers and started roaming the streets looking for punters. It's kinda boring early on, but the free beer helps. By midnight, it was really busy and we just stood outside enticing people in, and pouring them free shots at the entrance. By 1am I wasnt even working and was sat inside with Russell Brand and the others. All in all, it was a great night and I didnt get in until 3:30am!
I woke up at 8:30am with a missed call from Huy who I was supposed to be having breakfast with at 8am! I rushed out to meet him, and we went for Com Tam, which is barbequed pork steak, with a fried egg on top of rice. Just what I needed for the hangover actually! We chatted for a while and I helped him with his English (which is my primary function as his friend!) then went back for a shower in the hotel before heading to Oasis to meet Tri for a beach date. Tri lives here and has never been to Bai Dai beach so I asked if he wanted to go and he was more than happy to. His bike had a flat tyre so he rented one and I showed him how to get there. When we arrived and sat in some chairs, he flagged pretty much every food selling person down for different snacks....peanuts, fruit&chili, soya pudding, quail eggs etc etc then we went for a swim, went back to the chairs and he ordered us a 'seafood hotpot' which consisted of crabs, prawns, squid, fish, vegetables, noodles and eggs, all swimming around in a big bowl which you cook yourself over hot coals. It was the best meal I've probably ever had! It took us 2 hours to eat it! After that, he then rented us a big 2-person surf board and an oar, and we went out into the sea and had a paddle around for about an hour. It was so much fun, and really hard to stand on :P We went back for another rest again and and chilled out for a bit when he decided he was somehow hungry again and ordered us 2 fresh crabs for a snack. It was crazy. I was almost dreading the bill but the day had been so good, I kinda didnt care. When it came to about 5pm, we decided to head off, but not before Tri told me he had paid for the entire bill...I was so shocked! I had no idea how much it cost but he really just wouldnt accept the money I was trying to give him. He said it was a pretty special day for him as well as normally he just works all the time. I promised to do something with him another day only I would pay for everything. Silly boy. Anyway so on the way back, he asked me to drive, because it would be funny. And it was. There was many a bemused face as we passed people...they must have thought it a strange sight to see a big white foreign girl driving a little Vietnamese guy around on a motorbike! :P When we got back, I chilled out in my room for a bit and went to work at 8pm as normal. Unfortunately the evening was a bit of a wash out as it was fully monsooning down and there were hardly any customers, or people walking around. I stuck around until about 2am then headed home, knackered.
I allowed myself a lie in this morning and didnt leave my hotel until lunch time as the X-Men film was on tv and I hadnt watched a film in ages. After that I went for some breakfast and a walk around Nha Trang, then skyped my dad, and my brother and uploaded some pics....oh and wrote this blog! :P
Its 5pm now so I'm gonna go back to the hotel for a shower etc, maybe watch another movie, and as its a holiday in Vietnam at the minute (Independence day) I'm not working tonight. Instead I have accepted a beer challenge at Oasis. The prize is a free diving excursion so wish me luck :)

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Snake Eating

Snake Eating, Happy Hours, Brown Eyes, Drippy Noses and a Cheeky Monkey

sunny 30 °C

So it's been quite a while since I last posted really and so much has happened I'm going to struggle to remember it all...Well I think I was in Hanoi debating on whether or not to eat a live snakes heart. My decision was 'yes'. I signed up and around 8pm hopped on a bus with about 10 other people and they deposited us in snake village. We were invited to take a seat, have a beer, and they would bring out the snakes. A few minutes later, a man brought out a sack of live snakes and dumped them on the floor in front of us. The first person was beckoned, a young lass from Glasgow, and the man proceeded to pull the snake straight, slit it open about 2 inches down from the head, and pull out its little heart. At this point, it's still attached and the person is supposed to bite the beating heart clean out of the snake (whilst its tongue still flickered in and out might I add!). After about 8 people had done this, it was now my turn. A girl I now refer to as Grottbags took my pictures for me. It was definitely the single most disgusting thing I have ever done. On the plus side though, I felt like my snake looked quite pleased about the whole thing.
After the hearts are eaten, the snakes are tossed into a bucket where they writhe around for about 3 more minutes. The women assisting the man appeared to be really scared of the snakes and were constantly shrieking and on occasions picked up the heartless snakes by the tail, and bashed them onto the floor to make them stop wriggling about!! The evening was completed by drinking a shot of snakes blood, a shot of snakes bile, and about 5 different snake dishes as a meal - snake ribs, snake balls, snake spring rolls, snake bones....yummy!
I was happy that none went to waste but it wasnt the most pleasant experience. Still, it's something to add to my list of crazy things I've done. After we got back to the hostel, the whole gang had a bit of a wild night out, me included obviously, and I didnt get home till around 2am. I also didnt set an alarm. My bus was picking me up at 8am.
I woke up at 7:45, panicked, shoved about 50% of my things in my bag and ran half way across Hanoi to get my bus.

On the bus I was sat next to a really douchey couple - the guy was from England and the girl was from Germany but had a stupid posh English accent, and she had this stupidly loud asshole-like laugh. After about 10 mins I was already seriously pissed off. The bus to Ninh Binh should take 2 hours. Mid journey I was advised that I was on a tour bus, i.e. an organised tour that took people on day trips to Ninh Binh, with activities included but that I was unable to do as I had only paid for them to take me to Ninh Binh. Apparently I was to wait by the bus while the other passengers pissed about doing whatever. Annoyingly there was to be 2 stops before we reached there, and we werent due to arrive until 5pm. What a joke!!
We arrived in Hao Lu, the old capital of Vietnam, and were told to go and wander around the old citadel and pagodas etc. Feeling as rough as I was, I paid a man on a motorbike to take me to Ninh Binh town centre. When I got there I found a nice hotel for the night, had a shower and meandered around town. There isnt that much to do in Ninh Binh, its more the surrounding area, so after a bowl of Bun Bo, I rented a motorbike and drove to Tam Coc, which is famed for its Ha Long Bay-esque limstone kasts sticking out of the rice paddies. It really was very rural and away from all the tourists, it was so quiet there was even an echo. Whilst there, I bumped into a little lady who very much wanted me to pay her 50,000vd (about one pound fifty) to take me on a 2hr boat trip. I obliged and she rowed me all over the damn place, showed me some awesome spots, caves, old temples etc. It was well worth the money and afterwards I paid her double. I headed back to my hotel and started feeling really rough with a sore throat, headache etc. As I was feeling bad, I didnt have the energy to walk around and settled for eating in the hotel. I ordered some rice and was then approached by 2 young Vietnamese boys. They asked if I could teach them English whilst I was here so of course I agreed. I asked them to have dinner with me and they told me their names were Ho and Lucan, they were 16. We talked for about an hour and I learned some things from them also. I think it was a nice surprise for them to find someone from England as the only other people I could find in town were the damned French! After that, I went to bed, watched a couple of films and generally felt a bit sorry for myself.
Next morning, I checked out, left my bag and went and got some soup for breakfast. I'd started feeling better so things were looking up. Afterwards, there was a really heavy rain and thunderstorm so I took shelter in the hotel and had a read of my book. By lunch time, the rain had gone off and I paid a very sweet doddery old Vietnamese man on a motorbike to take me to Hoa Lu. I walked around there and hiked up a limestone lump 80 meters for an awesome view of the place. An old lady who was probably in her 70's assisted me back down and when I didnt give her money, took my water bottle and shouted what was probably a Vietnamese obscenity at me. Who cares...
Decided to have some goat fried rice for lunch, which was really yummy, then headed back to Ninh Binh and bummed around until my bus came. I met Ho and Lucan again, helped them with their English for about an hour then they took me for a walk and showed me their school etc. Nice :)
The bus was an hour and a half late but it was a sleeper bus and had bunks on it so I fell asleep for the entire 5hr trip to Dong Hoi. We arrived at 5am and one other person got off the bus with me, his name was Neils and he was from Holland. Isnt that vvvvieeerd?! We went to the same hotel and I had another nap until 10am. When I got up, he'd gone off somewhere so being the first beach I'd seen since I left home, I took a walk up there. Unfortunately, either the town didnt have sunscreen, or they didnt want to sell me it. I tried to stay in the shade, honestly I did, but I got burnt to a crisp while I was there.. There were absolutely no tourists at all, so I was pretty much stared at the entire time, but the people were friendly and when I decided to hit a beach bar for some lunch, remembered that nobody could speak English. I relied on my small amount of Vietnamese, along with a dictionary and ordered what I expected was calamari. WRONG. I orded whole squids, guts n all still intact. Oh god it was horrible and when it became clear I didnt know how to eat them, the woman brought over some kitchen scissors?!?! I was then charged about 4 quid for the whole thing....probably worth it to any other person but I felt gutted at paying so much. My hotel was cheaper! Back at the hotel I showered and went for a walk, and for dinner later I had the best pho I ever had. sooooo good! I then met Neils back at the hotel and a woman called Lisa who was in her late 40's. They hadnt eaten so I suggested a place with food and drink and we took a walk. Everywhere we stopped at wasnt satisfactory though....either it was a street stall (good god who would eat at one of them!), there was no vegetarian options, there were no menus in English... it went on for ages. Eventually we stopped in a cocktail bar where the staff were really nice, but got shouted at by both Neils and Lisa for serving beer with ice (a regular custom in Vietnam). I just wanted to get the hell outta there and was quite thankful to go back to the hotel.
Next morning Neils and I rented motorbikes and drove 80km to the Vinh Moc tunnels. They were amazing, much better than the Cu Chi tunnels down southern Vietnam. People lived in these tunnels for about 5 years. About 16 babies were born in them, and it was just a maze to get around. We were lost and bumped into 2 nice Vietnamese boys so we stuck together but after 45 mins still couldnt find a way out! There are no signs or lights so it was pretty claustrophobic! Eventually we got out and we made our way back to Dong Hoi. No sooner had we got back , our bus was waiting and I was pleased to see that it was a local Vietnamese bus. A lot of tourist shops book you on big air conditioned tourist buses which are usually thrice the price, and this bus was fine anyway. About half an hour into our journey, we saw a woman with a child and baby on a motorbike crash into a van so everyone got out to help and thankfully everyone was ok.
We arrived in Hue around 8pm and I managed to find a cube of a room in a hotel, with no air con, no frills, but for $5 I didnt care! Opposite was the Hue Backpackers Hostel so Neils and I headed over there for drinks, where I bumped into none other than ol' Grotbags (Tania) from the snake village! We all joined up and also met a guy from England called Harvey who had been travelling for a year to date. As you can imagine it ended up being a bit of a bender and I didnt crawl back until the small hours. We made a few local friends along our crawl also, including cyclo drivers who wanted us to buy their marijuana, motorbike guys who woulnt take no for an answer, and bar staff who just wanted to boogie with us. It was great fun...Back at the hotel, for some inexplicable reason there was a man in a tent in reception who came and let me in looking highly pissed off.
Next morning, I dragged myself over to the backpackers and met the guys in there having breakfast. Neils had left at this stage and I hadnt bothered to try and see him before he went as he kinda did my head in anyway. And so it became the 3 stooges. We decided we needed to swim our hangovers away and tried to find a hotel pool or something around town. No chance. We were fannying aboutin the most extreme manner trying to find somewhere and in the end I just paid the $6 for a man on a motorbike to take me to the beach, wait for me for 2 hours, and take me back. It was great! so Glad I went! I got there and there were no tourists, so I sat down under a shade and after a load of curious looks from the local women and some young chaps, went for a swim in the sea. It was so good.....I met 2 Vietnamese guys in the sea who spoke a bit of English so talked to them for while and they acted as translators for three 16yr old lads who wanted them to tell me 'I was very funny'...??? Eventually I left the beach, went back and met up with the stooges for Happy Hour (buy 1 get 1 free cocktails for less than a quid). I started to notice we were being stalked by a motorbike guy who seemed to pop up outside every bar we went to and continually beckoned to us to come out. I dont even know what he wanted but everything he said, I just responded with 'Maybe' which really pissed him off lol :) That night was another heavy one and we ended in a bar called 'Brown Eyes' (I know!) There, I met one of the guys from DMZ bar called Thinh (really cute) and had a bit of a dance with him before getting in around 2am. Fast forward, the next day I was walking around and met Vinh who was an Easy Rider tour guide. He took me for some tea by the river and showed me some trips I could do and I said I would think about it and let him know. After that, he insisted I let him take me to 2 houses that Ho Chi Minh lived in while he studied in Hue, along with the Ho Chi Minh museum....for freeeeeeeeee! And it really was for free...which confused me. Anyway, there was a massive thunder and lightening storm after that and I got completely soaked so dashed back to town and went to see Thinh in DMZ. After, I headed back to the room and had a shower then went to the backpackers and met with Tania and Harvey for Happy Hour once again! Fastforward another night of awesome conversation (including full details on Harveys stiont living in a crack den in south Australia where everything was, and I quote, ''fucked up'') hassling and bantering with the locals, card games, king cup etc and ending in Brown Eyes, where I met Thinh again :) - another good night.

The following day Tania left for Lang Co but we promised to meet in Hoi An again. I phoned Vinh and he took me to a locals cafe where we talked business and agreed on a good price for a 2 day motorbike tour to Hoi An. I was happy. After that I went back to the Backpackers and met Harvey and an Indian guy called Gerald and all decided to hit the beach again. We went over to the motorbike/taxi rank station and were immediately surrounded by silly men shouting prices at us. Vinh's friends were there so he turned up and was pissed off at me for not calling him (despite the fact that his friends were offering better prices!) In the end, Gerald ran away scared out of his wits at the attack, and Harvey and I went to the beach on our own. We had a couple of beers down there, nice little chill out and after a couple of hours headed back to town. After a shower, I went for a walk on my own and was flagged down by none other than my motorbike stalker. As it was my last night, I actually agreed to go for a drink with him so he took me to some local place where they sold us stupidly cheap beer (cause he was Vietnamese) and it was actually quite fun. After that he took me back and I met up with Harvey and a couple of others again, played a few games of ring of fire etc. Another pretty big night out we ended in Brown Eyes where I waited for Thinh to come after work. Unfortunately he didnt turn up because he thought I was meeting him at DMZ bar so I didnt see him again but I left him a message the next day in the bar, along with my number to call me ;)
At 8:30am I was picked up by Vinh and we began our journey up into the hills. We stopped off at 'Blood Waterfall' for a swim, lots of other spots, and drove the Ho Chi Minh trail, which is an amazing road. All along the way we'd pass kids who'd run along side us shouting 'hellooo!' and other motorbikers passing us with big cheesy grins on. It was a great experience and we arrived in Prao around 5pm. The hotel room had 2 beds in it but was just for me and Vinh said he'd sleep on the floor in reception as the hotel was full. Was this some kind of ploy??? I mean what the hell....so as you can imagine me being the kind generous person that I am, told him to take the other bed. Anyway, it was fine. We had some beers and chatted then went to find a karaoke bar but couldnt get in as they were full...but by that time it was around 10pm anyway so just went to bed.
Next morning, up and early we left and headed to China Beach. I've read about China Beach and I know where it is and that's not where we went. We went to Danang beach. Same stretch I know but...why? I was a little annoyed. and my patience was tested further when we went to marble mountain. He took me to a bleeding marble shop. I was like, where the hell are the mountains. He pointed to a hill next to the marble shop and said that was it. It looked pretty small to me but it was like the photos but he didnt offer to go up it or anything and when I asked him he said it would be very boring. By this time I just wanted shot of the guy so we continued to Hoi An where he conveniently dropped me outside his sisters dress shop. I insisted that under no circumstances did I want clothes making, and left him there to go find a hostel. I was allowed 1 night in the Hop Yen hostel as they had a booking so knew I'd have to find somewhere else the following day. Anyway, I did a few jobs and went for some Bia Hoi across the river, where I met Johnny, Jack and Tammi who I'd seen in Hanoi. We had some drinks together during which I received a phonecall from none other than motorbike stalker telling me he was in Danang and would be in Hoi An in an hour!! I hoped he wasnt coming all that way just for me - its 4 hours from Hue! I agreed to meet him when he got here and so he picked me up and we went for a couple of drinks and a meal (all of which he paid for :-s) and then called it a night - It was about 11 and I was tired and feeling a bit ill again. Next day he picked me up, took me for breakfast and after went to the beach to chill out. I wanted to get back to the hotel around 4pm and he needed to go back to Hue so first he helped me swap hostels, then we said goodbye.
I was wandering around later and found that I had a message from Tania who had arrived in Hoi An, so we met up along the river and caught up over food and drinks. There we met 'cheeky monkey', a 17 yr old Vietnamese girl who had some uncontrollable urge to tickle me and pinch me...I really do think weirdos are attracted towards me! I started feeling even shittier, blaming all the drinking having pickled my body and decided I better go back to the hostel, keep myself fresh for the following night. Had a nice leisurely walk back and more or less fell asleep straight away...Think I needed it!

The next morning I got up and went for a walk around the old town, had some breakfast and headed up to An Binh beach, for lack of a better thing to do on a piping hot day, with an empty wallet. I returned back around tea time, had a wash and wandered over to the river to wait for Grotbags who was on a tour of Cham Island that day. I had myself a couple of mojitos and eventually Tania joined, and Cheeky Monkey turned up again asking me 'how long have you had them for?' and pointing at my boobs! Really she is a very cheeky monkey....
Later we also met up with a guy from Israel, and also Jonny and Jack again who we arranged to meet in Bar Why Not later. After a bucket in the Aussie bar (which was more of a jam jar) we headed over there, played some drinking games, and had a pretty awesome night!
Next morning I was up early and went for a walk over to the river for some hungover bastard food. After which I ended up at the beach again (I knew I would be in Hoi An a while and didnt wanna spend spend spend all day!) Anyway, I only lasteda couple of hours then I decided I needed more sleep and virtually slept the entire afternoon away! Grotbags had left that day so I was feeling a bit lonesome again, not to mention crappy from the hangover and lack of sleep so I had kinda an early night that night. There was a new guy in my hostel called Hayden from New Zealand so I was no longer alone in the grotty disgusting dorm.
I had a trip booked today fopr Cham Island and was picked up at 8am and taken to a speed boat which I thought would be full of tourists. Well...it was....but not your usual tourists. They were ALL Vietnamese except for one guy. Three girls (dont ask the names) spoke very good English so we teamed up for the day and it was really great. We walked around the island, speedboated around the island, and stopped for about 2 hrs of snorkelling on a really awesome reef. Afterwards we were taken to a secluded beach and had a seafood BBQ....ahhh....all for a mere $20! :) I asked the driver to drop me off on Cua Dai beach as we were taken back around 2pm, I then walked up 3km to An Binh beach, stayed for about an hour, then walk back. I stayed down there until dark as all the Vietnamese families come down for picnics at sunset and I got talking to some of them.
I got back to my room and Hayden was there and asked if I was going for the 3 free cocktails. I was like...say what? Apparently our hotel gives you 3 free cocktails every day between 7-8. Hells yeh I was! So we met up with 4 other English bumholes; Tim, Hannah, Isaac, and Patrick. All of whom were very nice and not bumholey at all. We went out for some dinner, then hut Aussie bar and a club called Volcano bar which had only been open 5 days. It really was a club and I didnt feel like I was in Vietnam at all so I didnt stay too long there. I mean, it was already 2am anyway so I headed back to the hotel. Unfortunately for me, the gates had been locked. I tried ringin a bell that didnt work and tried to climb up a wall but in the end I had to scale the fence, which wasnt easy in flipflops. I cut my foot and hobbled back to the stinkin dorm and was followed by Hayden about half an hour later.
Next morning, I decided to be productive and got up early to have some Cao Lau breakfast, then sort of my travel plans. I'd found a flight from Saigon to Hanoi in 2 weeks time for about 45pounds so I went to a travel shop and booked a bus to Quy Nhon, and a visa extension. I'd arranged to meet a Syrian/American guy called Brenden for some chilling out at the beach so met him and he took me on his Honda Win over to Cua Dai. We chatted, swam and slept for a couple of hours then decided to head off around 3pm asI was quickly developing a full blown cold (somehow?!) I was feeling really crappy after that and had a little lie down in the room with my leaky nose then walked over to a street food place and had some com ga (chicken rice) while reading a book. After, I decided to treat m,yself to some tailor made suade boots from a shop near my hotel. We agreed on a good price and I get to pick them up today! I had to have an early night as I really wasnt well. Still not much better today but getting on with it. Havent really taken any photos here yet so gonna have a day walking about, maybe hire a motorbike then tomorrow I'm up at 6am on a bus to Quy Nhon (pronounced Hwee Nyon) so only a few beers tonight ;)

Will post some photos soon, facebook is banned in vietnam for some gay reason and you can only get on using the proxy sites and cant remember them :(

Wibbly wobbly x

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