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Black Men Can't Swim

Hangovers, Boat parties and embalmed corpses

rain 30 °C

In my last entry I was boasting and banging on about how insanely amazing the weather was (ner ner ne ner ner style) well day 2, thats the day after my birthday, brought some more unpleasant weather as monsoon began to kick in. No matter though, I was hungover to high hell. Olu, being the mega-pussy he was (:-P) went off to the hospital to sort out his gammy foot which was almost completely severed in an unfortunate tubing accident. He'd been walking around on it for 2 days which was some feat (maha!) considering it was only hanging on by a couple of stringy bits of tendon. So whilst he did that, I went breakfast hunting with the Danes then went for a mooch about town. We all met up later on and the Pastries told us they had found a Halong Bay trip for just $40...a kick in the teeth to the others who had paid $75 but it was us who were laughing. After we booked that, we headed out for a couple of beers and some street grub. Olu as usual was making friends left right and centre so we teamed up with some guys who had traveled Vietnam on motorbikes. As we were getting up early however, we went back to the hotel around half 10 (excluding Olu, who with his near-severed foot, didnt roll in until 4am). The Pastries got us up at 7am and there was drama when the taxi came for us and Olu was fannying around some cash point somewhere but eventually we were away. And we were packing about 20 beers between us and 2 bottles of LaoLao Whiskey. As we had only paid $40 for the trip, we were of course expecting that we might be disappointed somewhere down the line, and 10 minutes in we discovered what that was. THE FRENCH. Thats right. Our bus was full of them, which could only mean one thing; that the boat would also be overrun with them. We resigned ourselves to a mediocre trip but once we were on the boat things couldnt have been better! We had some lunch then went cruising around the tiny limestone islands, stopping for a rowing boa trip and kayaking, and a swim in a cove. Whilst swimming in the cove, I learned that not only could Olu not swim, but that apparently black people in general are unable to swim due to high muscle density and heavy bone marrow. (Olu's words not mine) Interesting! So I had a good laugh at his expense when he was just floating there all feeble and helpless in the water with his lifejacket on.

Back on board we had some dinner and met a lovely Spanish chic called Natalia who teamed up with us in our beer drinking shenanigans which began immediately after the meal. We had to sneak the beer on board since it wasnt allowed, and had to intermittently buy the odd beer from the bar, then chug 2 or 3 more from our own cans. Sneaky! ;) By 1am the whiskey had come out and we were all decided that we would sleep on deck on the sunloungers. By the time we finally went to bed, it was around 4am, and we woke up at 5am for a swim.....urgh. Hungover isnt the word.
After a horrible ordeal of a journey back to Hanoi which involved numerous long waits, and a stop at some shit ornament shop, the Pastries announced they were leaving Hanoi in 30mins! Well I could hardly just 'go to bed'. We had to have one more beer together which is precisely what we did - Bia Ahoy! It was pretty shit to see them go especially since I knew the girls would be leaving the following morning. After a couple more beers, I was dead and went back to the room for an earlyish, depressing night. At 4am I was woken by Olu coming in and muttering shit to himself - how the hell does one man party so dam hard!? - then at 7am the girls called in to say bye. It was horrible. I didnt cry though, I was too sleepy. But I was feeling pretty shit when I finally got up.
We decided to have a lazyish day today so me and Olu walked around a bit while Wade stayd in the room checking out his next destination online. We just walked around town and went to a market then headed back to the hotel with some beers. Later on, we all dropped into a few bia hoi places and despite the fact that I wasnt feeling much like going out, it was the last night out with the boys for me so I made a good effort! Wade went home around 10 and me and Olu teamed up with a couple of the guys who we'd met previously with the motorbikes. We ended up in Flowbar where some little Asian guy was breakdancing and I was almost sick on the bar from a shot I had. Then we went to Lighthouse bar for a bit. By half 2 I was ready for bed so I got a motorbike taxi home which was crazy when drunk, but fun all the same! :P
Olu as usual didnt roll in until much later - around 6am! lol but we were all up at lunch time mooching about and after about an hour of walking around to find somewhere that Wade found palatable (i.e. not local food) we ended up stopping at a kebab place! It still felt like morning to me but it was well into lunch time so I had a bowl of delicious Pho! my fav!!
Afterwards, I went to the Hoa Lo Prison Museum which was built by.....the French! It was pretty cool though so when I returned and checked into the hostel it was pretty much time for goodbyes! Obviously I am still going to be meeting up with Wade later on but not really sure when, so was just a final goodbye to Olu as well which was quick and painless. Was kinda horrid the first couple of hours on my own but I needed an early night as still hadnt caught up on sleep since Halong Bay. I didnt get up until about 11am so went for a walk around the city again, did a few jobs, went to a cafe and read a book then by 2pm it was time to get on the beer! ;) Met some other single travellers in my hostel and tagged along with them for a bit then later participated in a pub quiz which was largely Geography themed - my strongpoint! but didnt stick around to see who won. Ended up at my local Bia Hoi and met some Aussies and had a nice meal with them, then was in bed by around midnight. Was quite hungover this morning but I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and went to see Ho Chi Minh's embalmed corpse in his Mausoleum...it didnt really look much like him from the photos and footage, he was a lot skinnier and pale, and he must have had a lightbulb inside him as he was glowing really brightly. The whole thing was really weird. After that, I walked around Hoan Kiem Lake then had some food with an Aussie family I met in a cafe and now here I am!
Just been offered to go to Snake Village later tonight so I can eat a snake's heart while it still beats....hmmm......what to do what to do. I leave Hanoi tomorrow for Ninh Binh and I'm pretty sad to leave here. It's an awesome city with so much going on and so many friendly people. Not to mention cheap as shit BEER!! :P

More updates in a week or so :)

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Bastards, Buses, Birthdays and Bia Hoi!

my grand arrival into the lovely Vietnam

sunny 35 °C

SAM_3290.jpgSo I know its only been a few days but I'm having a 'nothing' day today given my current condition....(hungover bastard)
Okay where were we? Oh yes, we were in Vangvieng after our second day of serious tubing and drinking...it took a while to gather everyone and thankfully nobody had upped and left us, but we did plan on leaving the following day. sO at this point it was around 2pm and each of us were looking at one another, clearly just waiting for someone to suggest another bout of tubing and naturally it came up! :) EVERYONE except Wade, was up for it again, albeit I was seriously wondering how my body would manage after the brutal beatings from the previous days. Anyway, we all left Wade watching Family Guy and headed off up the river. once we got to he first bar, I was ni party mode again and we had another excellent day. on returning, wefound WAde as we had left him hours earlier, grabbed some food and went to the 'Bucket bar' for some card games etc. iT was a relatively quiet night in there so i buggered off around 11pm.
THe next morning my whole body was in that much pain I had to get up at 7am....I think I actually pickled myself with alcohol. my legs were gettig pins and needles, I was sick, and shaking. after a hot shower and some painkillers, I did a few jobs like laundry and visa collecting and by 1:30pm, all the F**kers were on a ''24 hour'' bus to Hanoi. Clearly I would be spending the following day, aka mein Birthday, on a frigging bus! Get over it....ok. MAnaged to get some sleep that night but woke up at 6am at the Vietnam boarder and it was a total nightmare getting through. There was waiting, waiting and more waiting. Then there was more waiting, and then a mix up with buses and bags but finally we were on our way! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Actually it wasnt too bad as by lunch time they had me shotting Laolao everytime I won, lost, came second, or third in ring of fire! Much to my delight we were soon in Hanoi but I was in for a shock! Hanoi is not the same placeit was 3 years ago. Irish bars and kebab shops have sprung up, hoards of tourists everywhere and much fancier resturants make this place mmore like Bangkok. But its not Bangkok, its awesome! I still love it and we can still get beers for 30p a pint even if they are piss-weak :)
So I went straight to the Bia Hoi last night, everyone eventually joined and we had a great night. I payed for it bad this morning though as we didnt stop drinking until 3am and were up at 7! The girls and WAde went to Halong Bay but a) there was no room on their boat, b) i ws too hungover, and c) I had just finished a 28hr bus journey and didnt wanna be straight on a bus again. So I'm currently contmplating going tomorrow with the Danes and Olu (who is currently in hospital from a tubing injury!)...

Off now to have a walk around Hanoi, head over to Hoan Kiem lake, sample some street food, and buy some clothes that arent stinking and moulding from being constantly wet! Oh speaking of which, theres no sign of monsoons here, the weather is beautiful! 35degrees though so I'm melting!!

THats all for now x

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Sangsom Skyping, Meeting the F**kers, and Black Eye Tubing

How not to Tube in Laos

rain 25 °C

Okay well it's been pretty damn hard to find time to blog because quite frankly I'm just having far too much fun!!
On our last day in Chaing Mai, me and Wade took the bikes around the mountain circuit which was insane! So many corners and hairpins! and later on I found myself in the Irish bar where I met none other than Pappa Raz (Raz's daddy)!
The next morning, we took a bus to Chaing Rai, found a guest house and had a we walk around. We decided to get on the beer as early as possible as its a pretty small town and pretty quiet. We had to wait until 5pm as you cant buy beer from 7/11 until then to get on it! After a few beers and a few games of 13, we hit the Sangsom.....bad bad idea. Well we went to a ladyboy bar and I realised I'd left my wallet in the room. ''Wait here Wade, I'll be back in 10''....that was the last time I ever saw him again...until later that night. I got sidetracked on my way back by a scouser and a rasta, and ended up having beers with them in a hippie bar. My night was pretty much over when they passed a joint to me adn took literally one puff. I needed to get home. Well I got back and thought I had better text Corkish for some reason as I had no idea where Wade was. I somehow text Wade telling him that I had lost Wade....I then tried to sign into my skype on Wades laptop, and instead, signed in as Wade and proceded to call Kim and Dave. After a lot of sillyness, eventually Wade came back and we talked to Kim ad Dave a while longer (about what? no idea) Next morning we didnt emerge until half 2pm!! itr was going to be a hungover bastard day.
The next day after that we switched hotels to a cheaper one and had a few beers but a relatively earlyish night.
By 24th July, we were leaving Chaing Rai, headed for Laos by minibus then slowboat. Annoyingly, and unbeknownst to us, we were travelling in the minibus with a load of bumholes. They were the Swiss. They were old. They had annoying habits like winding all the windows down so that Kirsty was a very cold and wet girl. They sported shit haircuts. They filmed EVERYTHING on a camcorder, even transactions made in shops, or a lorry driving down the street. Everything about them was bad.
The slow boat wasnt too bad, we were on it by half 10am, and stopped in some plce in Laos at around 6pm for the night. We were exhausted though and it was an early night. Next morning we made sure we were on a different boat to the Swiss and were pleasantly surprised to find what I would describe as a party boat (full of young'uns!) who we befriended during the course of the day. There was 4 English girls; Alex, Steph, Maddy and Sophie, 2 Danish pastries; Allan & Peter, and 1 yank from NYC; Olu. Together, we realised we made a very awesome team and decided to stick together in Luangprabang (the next stop). That night we all went for a meal together then myself, Alex and the boys played some king cup aka ring of fire. GOOD.
The next day we all went to a waterfall together and some caves, the waterfall was great and we all had a swim but the caves were a bit less impressive. That night the drinking started with a bucket of Laolao (Laos whiskey, friggin lethal stuff!) we went to a bar called Utopia where we played drunken volleyball, before heading to bowling. Bowling was fun but I think we broke every rule in the book of how to behave in laos (no explanation available). To cut a long story short we were pretty drunk, Wade went AWOL AGAIN! and we all had to get a tuktuk back, which for some reason gave everyone and inexplicable urge to climb onto the roof of it whilst driving along! It was a good night all in all :)
The day after that we had a chill out day, doing not much, walking around the market etc and had some street food dinner later that night before chilling out in the very mellow Utopia again. The next day (Daves Birthday) we decided to leave for Vangvieng - tubing town! The minibus didnt get us here until 9pm but we found hotels and went out for a few beers. Nothing to heavy mind! We'd be drinking from lunchtime all day the next day! ;)
So as planned, we began drinking at lunch time and together we all headed up to the top of the river with our tubes. The constant rain didnt put us off as we'd be soaked enough anyway. The bars dotting the river were all heaving with people, playing all the most recent party tunes and as you float down, the staff will throw rope to you and haul you inside for more beer! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! It was just amazing. The best atmosphere I could imagine. It almost reminded me of Reading festival (the atmosphere, and the rain). So after a full day, it started getting dark and I found myself and Alex separated from the gang. We couldnt see any bars or lights and were just floating down an unlit river. so Scary! Anyway, next thing I know, some big piece of wood (I'm guessing?) hit me square in the face and when I come to, 2 fellas are slapping my face to wake up and are helping me out of the river, adn Alex is nowhere to be seen. Speaking of nowhere to be seen, it wouldnt have mattered anyway because my eye had completely swollen shut and it was dark and I couldnt see a bleedin thing! Was actually really scary but my knights in shining armor managed to get me to my hotel where a couple of the girls escorted my to the room. I opened the door and Wade was pretty much spreadeagled naked on his bed but with a mangina! I managed to clean myself up and despite my injury headed back out for an awesome night! :)
Yesterday we were all feeling rough but we came to tube, and tubing was therefore on the cards again. We decided it was a little expensive though and thought we'd walk down the river instead. It was the same brilliant atmosphere and after some initial gag-reflexing, I got back on it again and we had another great day. Later, we all got separated and I was ready for bed by half 10 so had kind of an early night.
This morning, I woke up and havent seen any of the gang yet so thought it would be a good opportuity to do some blogging. Wade and I have to wait for our Vietnam visas before we can leave so it's likely we'll go tomorrow. I just hope everyone else is still around, we really wanna hang on to the f**kers.

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Sangsom, Sunburn, Elephants and Ninjas

Even if you are sat atop an Elephants head, it's still possible to be molested

semi-overcast 28 °C

So where was I up to? oh yes, so I finally located Wade in BAngkok and we had a bit of a heavy night on the Sangsom buckets so I woke up to a bastardly hangover. Went for a walk around Bangkok only to re-discover that yes, it was still as shit as it was 3 years ago. Back at the hotel I caught up with my family, then was struck down by a horrible illness which caused me to have a mega-cold, sick tummy, and weird pains. Not wanting to be a little bitch about it, I got a couple of take out beerss, and we watched family guy on Wade's laptop in the room all night. I felt like shit though and the beers didnt help. I then woke up covered in possibly the worst bed bug bites I'd seen (picture to follow). Time to get the hell out of BAngkok! Could things get worse? well yeah, this is me we're talking about....walking catastrophe....my bank card decides to give up and die so i am moneyless and having to borrow of Wade...
WE took a bus to KAnchanaburi (2 hrs) and checked into Pong Pehn guest house where Wade stayed last year. We even found the 2010 Bushys sticker! THe hotel was pretty nice, had a pool etc but I still wasnt feeling good so unfortunately it was another night in watching telly (Dumb and Dumber) I find JIm Carey is a great cure for flu.
THe next day I was feeling much better and we decided to hire peds and rode out to Erawan waterfall which is a 7 tiered waterfall. Clear blue water and all the hungry fish you could ask for...the sam fish that are used in fish massages...so the feasted on my banging feat. After we got back, and after a quick dip in the pool, we checked out the night market and I made Mark Wade eat squid on a stick. We then picked up a bottle of Sangsom and necked half of that in the room before heading into town around half 10. We went to a place called 'the sugar member' which was really cheesy and blaring out loud music. After a couple of sangsom buckets, WAde had befriended a bunch of girls and I was getting on nicely with a German duo, one of which resembled the dentist from the HAngover. It was only a matter of time before I brought up Hitler so I stumbled home alone, being unable to locate Mister Wade...
I woke up upside down fully clothed in bed, and still Wade was nowhere to be found. around half 9 he stumbled in so I went out to 7/11 for some hangover cures. We were both absolutely hanging all day and I for one couldnt even string a sentence together. It was to be a 'pool day'. due to the state we were both in, I guess it would have been too much effort for my brain to think to apply suncream properly. I splashed a little here and there and a few hours later I was nicely roasted but had the stupidest sunburn I've ever seen. It was embarrassing. You could see finger marks where I had smeared suncream, and red hot burn everywhere else. i had a hand print on my stomache, 2 burned knees, and a burned armpit. IDIOT. Needless to say it was anther early night!
The next day was better and we went to JEATH war museum which looked at the building of the Raiway at KAnchanaburi during the 40s, and the POW camps etc. Very interesting it was. We also visited the war cemetary, Death Railyway museum and the infamous Bridge on the River Kwai. Back at thehotel we chilled with a couple of ales and I dragged Wade out to a bar where I found drinks for 10 baht (20p). Got talking to a couple of Brummie sex tourists, Bob and Russell, and drank the night away with them. I then made drunken honecalls and wandered home on my own again. As if by clockwork, wade came crashing in at half 9 again (He'd been fishing for red snapper) and I sucessfully managed to get him onto a bus by 1pm.
WE had to take 3 buses to get to Kamphang phet so managed to watch Jurassic PArk 2 and 3 and didnt arrive until 1am but WAde was thinking clearer now and phoned ahead to the hotel he stayed at last year. A nice little cheery man called Mr Charin came to collect us and gave us our room. I added him to my list of sweet little old men I want to collect (Dalai Lama, monks, Ho Chi Minh etc). Next day we walked around town, went to an outdoor gym, and had a chill out before heading out for a few beers later on.
Next day we were on our way to Chang Mai which is where I am now. On our second night, we met a lass from Norway and all 3 of us went to a Thai boxing fight which was an experience! There were very young boys fighting and it was quite brutal but really entertaining to watch, especially the blind boxing, where 3 men were thrown into the ring, one of which was ridiculously drunk and kept hitting the ref! wE also noticed a bar right next to the ring called 'The Ladyboy BAr'....no beating around the bush there ;)
On our 3rdday here I decided to go on a 3 day jungle trek so left Wade to his own devices and buggered off on that. There were 14 people on the trek, mainly compromised of a gang of Irish girls. We were picked up and taken to an Elephant village where we had the chance to ride an elephant. WE werepretty disappointed though as we had to wait for almost 3 hours before we could ride them. It was actually really worth it though in a strange turn of events...we weresitting in chairs on the elephants back with the guide sitting on its head..our guide made me sit right on the ele's head! at first I was blown away and thought it was great, that was before I realised I was being groped, and the guide was really drunk. How didnt i notice earlier!? He kept asking me to kiss him (we wre sat on a frickin elephant! wTF!?) And I was just busy trying not to fall off the damn thing! well eventually it was over, it was great, but it was weird all at the same time. Next up was a 3 hour trek to our camp for the night. Our rteking guide, called Bond, led us through proper jungle but because we were so delayed with the elephants, he took us on a 'short cut' over the top of a verticle mountain, where it had just been raining and was very muddy. such hard work! HArder than my Ganges trek! but only 3k! That night we sung songs, played guitar and chatted into the night and the next day we treked tto 2 waterfalls before arriving at our jungle camp for the night. A couple of the Irish girls mentioned that they heard someone in the hut the night before, a prowler, but we werent worried about this night because we were nowhere near civilisation for anyone to invade. I as wrong. I woke up with a start at about 2am, hearing more than one pair of feet tramping abot the hut. I was terrified. I knew it wasnt any of the group. I lay in silent terror for around an hour and as they were stll in our hut after this amount of time, I knew they werent robbing us...what were they doing? If I started shouting, what would they do? would they harm us? Eventually, on the verge of pooping myself, I roused one of the girls awake and we decided the best thing to do was turn our torches on and wake everyone up. when we did this, our torch lights shone up in the rafters of the hut and thats where the men were...hiding in the beams...i started screaming and as everyone woke up, then men made a swift getaway through the roof. Our guide Bond came rushing in and we told him what happened and he went off looking for the men. NO trace though. This was 3am and naturally i was too scared to sleep after that. That morning, trying to forget what happened,we went white water rafting. They dont have it as good as New Zealand, but it was fun all the same. after that we were ue to raft on floating bamboo but our raft sank so we were just sitting in the river. I just wanted to get back to Chang MAi now! Eventually we got back, said our goodbyes and I went up to the room for a nice shower and chill out. Went for a few beers after aswell and didnt get in until after 1:30 so banging head this morning!
wHAts good for a hangover? Renting 650 NInjas and ragging them round winding roads? Really? Thats exactly what we did! It was awesome! Loved being back on the bike, even if it was a green machine ;) we have them tomorrow as well and will go round a mountain circuit. Pretty funny when we rented them, we were just asked if we could ride bikes? yes sir we can...man looks at Wade, looks at me, and says 'SHE knows how to ride a bike!!?' haha silly man, you know nothing of the Isle of Man!!

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Drinking the Ganges, Vomit covered Jeeps, & Bangkok Ladyboys

A most adventurous journey indeed...

sunny 40 °C

Okay so I've just arrived in Chang Mai and noticed howlong its been since I last updated! SLACK!!
Where was I? So yeah, end June I was roped into a ''4 day long trip'' with Ben Amber and Morgan to trek the source of the Ganges and to a place called Valley of Flowers. I needed 2 days off work but Kalsang said I could just make up time when I returned. YAY!
We boarded an overnight bus to Rishikesh (where the Beatles went) and it was the worst journey EVER (or so I thought) didnt sleep, horns were blaring, no air con...eurgh! After that,we planned on getting a short bus ride to Uttarkashi....it was to be 7 hours ona shit bus with hard seats around themost winding roads you could imagine. Thats when the vomitting started. No not me. I was a man about it. 3 people that I knew off were sticking their heads out of the windows so by the time we arrived, our hemorrhoids stung, and the bus was covered in filth. By this time it was getting late so we found a hotel room and went out for some dinner. I got ripped off buying a pomegranite but I really wanted it.
Next morning, we got into an 8 person jeep 4 hours uphil to Gangotri. As you will no doubt guess, more puking began and soon enough it was Ben with his head stuck oiut the window 'barfing' everywhere much to my amusement.
In Gangotri, we found no other tourists and were soon surrounded by a group of local kids wantingto practice their English. We took them for some chai and got a mouldy old room next to the river for 100rs each (one pound twenty to u and me) and had an early night.
At 6:30am,and after much of Ben's incessant fannying,we were off starting the 22km trek to Gamulk. An hour in, we'd ran out of water, I'd puked from altitude headaches,and nobody could breathe. On the plus side the scenery was amazing! post card perfect! We came across the first tea stall 9km in (lonleyplanet advised there were many all along the way) and got completely ripped off and laughed at by local assholes who thought it was a hilarious sight to see tourists being overcharged.
2:30pm we arrived in Bhojibasa which was meantto be a small town., Let me tell you it consisted of 4 buildings, one of which was an Ashram (boardinghouse) in which we were given a room which was basicallly a padded cell (the floor was just mattress so the 4 of us shared) and was next to the local cesspit judging by the smell and flies. Anyway, we laugjhed at that and tried tohave a good night anyway. We had a mealwith the locals sitting cross legged on the floor, smiling at people. It was nice.
Next morning we were up at 7am and hiked the extra 5km to the Glacier which was no mean feat! There was no path, just a verticle wall of rocks, no equipment, and a big altitude headache in the way. The sight was spectacular and I proudly held out my manx flag before chasing away Indian scumbags secretly trying to film the white people(us). After that we trekked 22km back to Gangotri and arrived by 5pm, ready for din dins. Unfortunately Ben, being the weak-stomached bastard he is, become pretty sick and was throwing up all nightin the bathroom. Then we were rudely awoken by rowdy Indian dickheads so we took the sick bucket and threw it at them. Not really. But we left it outsidefor them to deal with as punishment.
By thispoint we had all resigned ourselves to the fact aht we would have no time for Valley of Flowers. So back in the jeep at 8 am with a man and his Indian family, and the puking began again. It got so bad,we had to stop and wash the car of vomit...we continued on to Uttarkashi then Rishikesh where we overnighted with Natalie from McLeod. Next day we said goodbye to Natalie and Morgan who were travelling to Delhi whereI was due tomeet them on 5th July. We were back on our way to McLeod which we'd missed terribly. It was an overnight bus again and I was grateful to be sat next to a monk rather than a lecherous Indian asshole. Once we arrived, we walked up the steps to our homestay only to find that she had re-arranged my room and I had no bed! I had to sleep in her bed and she sorted a new room for me later that morning. That day I got al load of jobs done and said goodbye toi a fewpeople I knew I wouldnt see before I left. That night Meadow copoked us a special meal of chilil chicken which me and Amber devoured while Ben wsa on the phone. We had a few beers and stayed up chatting about how much we would miss eachother when I left ..../sniff...
Next morning I wentto Rogpa to say bye to the staff and the kids, got a few cheeky kisses from the sweet ones! Had an omlette with Ben and Amber in Budan cafethen got in a cab to the airport. After halfan hour we were advised the flight had been cancelled. SHIT. Weather looked fine too. I managed to bag a ride in a cab with 2 Austrian girls to Delhi. A Trip that should have taken 10 hours. I sawmany great sights including fields of wild peacocks, a cow that had been smashed to pieces by a lorry, a man ridingan elephant on the highway....list goes on... Upon arriving in Delhi, it became obvious that our driver was lost (it was 1am at this point) and there were somebig celebrations going on that caused the entire cityto becomegridlocked and mobbed by young Indian men. Well you can imgine what they were4like when they saw us 3 white girls in a cab at 2am....they wouldnt leave us alone and we were followed. By the timeit was 4am I told the driverto take meto theairport as a) he wouldnt find the hotel, and B) i would be too scared to step outside with all the assholes about. We got to the airport where I was denied entry becasue my flight was not due until midday. I sl;ept outside on the floor holding my b ags in a death grip. At 8am I finally got inside and onto my plane by which time I was so tired, I fell asleep. When I woke and started getting off the plane, I realised my ipod was missing. It was inmy pocket during the flight and had been stolen by some complete dick. Last time I go to India!
Coming through arrivals at Bangkok I saw no sign of Mark Wade and hadto get online to find a mssg from him. Got to the hotel, and hit the beers straight away!!

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