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Week three of my stay in McLeod Ganj

sunny 30 °C

So not much new has happened this week. I feel like I've settled into my new routine of getting up at 7:30am, working until 12:30, and then free afternoons and evenings. Though I have started to notice a pattern even with that. It all began with a game of 13....(card game)..I played one game, then another, and then a few more, then I was hooked. And now it's pretty much ALL I do with my free time...!

The kids are great, though most of you will undoubtedly have already heard about me getting a potty full of hot pish poured all over me...so yes, the job has its ups and downs. But most of the time, the kids are good fun. We sing songs and dance with them for the first half hour, then play with them for a further 2 hours after that, then we feed them and put them to bed. Then my shift is over :)

So on a normal day, after finishing work, I'll go for lunch with friends. McLeod Ganj has quite a diverse range of food places and it's not all Indian or anything like that. We can choose between Tibetan, Chinese, Indian, Italian...the list goes on. Generally lunch of a bowl of soup, or pasta, or a rice dish will cost the equivalent of 1 pound. After lunch, I might take a mosey around town, get my photo taken by Indian people, walk into a cow, whatever I feel like really. Then I head back home to see who's in...might have a read, but most likely I'll play 13 if there are 4 people there.

Dinner is served between 7 and half past by our homestay who is a 21 year old Tibetan girl. After this, we play more 13, have a couple of beers, by which time we are getting a little bit silly and are all craving ice cream. So we walk up the street foraging for ice cream, then go home, play more 13, then hit the sack.
Late Night Ice Cream Session

Late Night Ice Cream Session

Most people dont drink much here as a) it's too hot, b) the only alcohol you can get is Kingfisher and c) you have to be up early 6 days a week and when you're wiping shitty asses, you dont wanna have a hangover. So the 'liquor stores' here are generally labelled 'English Beer & Wine Store'. Obviously when I first saw this, my heart started racing, and I could almost taste the Carlsberg / Strongbow in my mouth. No such luck. One shop even showed a picture of a corona bottle however none of them serve anything other than Kingfisher. So what makes that English I dont know. One reason I'm so excited to get to Bangkok is the sheer volume of Irish Bars that will be there. Obviously one of them has to stock some kind of cider...
Cheeky boys

Cheeky boys

Went to Bhagsu waterfall again the other day. I lasted 15 minutes before I had to leave as the Indians wouldnt leave me alone. All of them want to take a photo of themselves with me. I understand that most of these Indians are tourists themselves and maybe not from a very westernised part of India but I cant understand why they would want a photo of themselves with a white stranger. I mean, clearly its not just me this happens to so there must be Indians out there who have entire albums, collections, full of photos of white strangers. It seems stupid. I dont go photographing black and brown people because where I'm from there arent many. So why do they? And also, there are so many western tourists in McLeod Ganj, why do they make you feel like an anomaly. I decided to start charging people for my photo and will ask for at least 10 rupees. I thought this might discourage them but instead, they just take sneaky photos of you when they think you arent looking. If you say yes to one person, another person will see this and they will come over for the same thing and its a big domino effect, you end up smothered and before you know it, you black out, and wake up covered in your own faeces. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU.

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First Week in India

overcast -30 °C

So hungover and terrified, and after a horrible goodbye from Will and Mattie, I boarded my flight to Delhi and 3 movies, 1 lightening storm and 2 meals later, I finally arrived. Being as unprepared as I usually, stupidly am, I had no idea what the exchange rate out so I guessed at 5 thousand rupees and headed over to check in for my flight to Dharamsala. In a random twist of fate, I met 2 girls going through security who were both to be boarding the same flight as me, and one of them was even on the same program as me caring for children!
Further coincidence was that I have ended up sharing a room with one of these girls, Valentina, from Long Beach. Upon arriving at our home stay, it was a bit of a shock to find out room which consists of 2 mattresses on a floor with a picture of His Holiness overlooking ;-) there are 3 other rooms which are occupied by other volunteers who we have since made friends with. So on day one, our guide Dawa took us for a walk around McLeod Ganj and we are greeted with a lot of stereotypical sites such as beggars, random cows, pieces of shit here and there. all good really! After our walk, Dawa read our palms in our (now) favourite bar, the Drum Stick, and we had an early night.
It's hard to sleep here as there are horns constantly blaring, wafts of sewage and piss, stray dogs howling, and stupid loud talking Tibetan neighbours.
On our second day, we discovered that the Dalai Lama was in town so took a taxi up to the Tibetan childrens school and watched him arrive, happy and smiley as usual....it was an unbelievable experience as all the locals were there, singing and chanting their national anthem....very eerie! It was only 10am when we left because we were up so early so it felt like lunch time and our house mates Ben and Amber (Also from USA) took us to an Italian for lunch. After that we meandered around town and were back at our homestay for a nice vegetarian dinner, cooked by the lovely Meadow (our Tibetan hostess).
On our Third day, we discover that this is some kind of Tibetan holiday so we don't get to start our volunteer work. Must find out what holiday. So anyway, myself, Valentina and Al (from Canada) decided to do the ''15 minute'' hike to Bhagsu falls (big sexy waterfall) and it took us over an hour...but it was well worth it. We decided not to swim in the main pool by the waterfall as the only people in it were lecherous Indian men who were already eyeballing me and Valentina, so we climbed further down and sat with our legs dangling in and indulged ourselves in some totally random conversation.....Al is the craziest Canadian I have ever met and comes out with the most random shit, and stupid ass quotes (Which I might have to publish one day). Anyway, got 'home' spoke to Mummy on the phone which was nice then took a walk around town with Valentina. I dont know why, and I really regret it, but we decided to try some curious looking street food consisting of a hollow ball made of pastry, filled with cold broth. It tasted literally like shit, old eggs, and chillies. It was completely banging and it took all my strength not to spew it out.
On 5th June, it was our first day of work. We were thrown in the deep end, and literally shoved through the door of the childrens centre and told to get on with it! The permenant staff are all Tibetan and speak a little English, but I was put in the infant room, with very small babies. Managed to put 2 babies to sleep and found my favourite one! lol then went for lunch with a few friends. Got hungry again in the afternoo and tried the local 'momos' which are like dimsum...nom nom nom! That night I stayed in with the other homestays and we played card games and took the piss out of eachother into the night until a very old Tibetan lady came up the stairs and shouted at us to be quiet. It was the same woman who 2 days earlier came up the stairs and told me either not to poop in the hole in the floor, or not to put toilet paper. Either way, she was making very disturbing hand signals which involved her furiously wiping her lady bits in front of me :-S
Day 2 with the kids was also great, had a nice relaxing afternoon and a very funny night with the guys from the homestay which mainly involved us separating English and American differences, and them relentlessly taking the piss out of my accent. They are so bad at English accents, they all just sound like Russell Brand.
Today, I was taken out of school and asked to go to Temple with some banners and collection tins, leaflets etc to raise awareness about the new library being built for the kids at the Rogpa Baby Care centre where I work. All lots of fun meeting people, but getting sick of Indian men taking sneaky photos of me....all very familiar from my last trip to India!!
This weekend going to Pakistani border and staying overnight at the Golden Temple. Can't wait :)
Not missing home, but missing family and friends, especially since these yanks cant understand me half of the time!!!

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The Grand Exit

Goodbyes, Drag Queens and Airports

overcast 13 °C

Well I've no idea when I will next be blogging but I'm currently sat in Heathrow airport following an awesome day and night out in Manchester with Will and Mattie, feeling a bit sorry for self! My head has taken an emotional beating from all the goodbyes I've had to say these last few days. I have lost count of the amount of times I have burst into flames. And speaking of flames, what an odd coincidence that the day I leave, there be a fire in the chippy.
Onwards to Deli anyway, hope I dont get stuck sitting next to some big fatty bum bum.

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Last Day Of Work


See attached photoRandom_May___116.jpg

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Employment Terminates

Last week of work!

rain 10 °C

First panic over and done with. Lying in bed, watching Peep Show, when suddenly I had a severe panic attack and lost consciousness. When I woke up, there was poo everywhere…not really. But I did freak out (and not because there was no poo)…I have 3 days of work left!...what about all the things I still have to do? Like what moron? Well...y'know, get insurance...do my tax form...see Avengers a second time...go to Barcelona for 5 days. These are important time consuming tasks! Okay so mostly they aren’t even tasks. Although looking after my parents in Barcelona and making sure they don’t get robbed or lost isn’t the easiest thing to do, not when you start most nights out in the local absinthe bar :-P
Got my works leaving do on Friday…Barcelona on Monday, last night out with family and friends 26th May….one night in Manchester with Will & Mattie on 31st May…then off to Indiarrrrghhh!!!!! on the 1st of June…wish me luck people :)

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